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brrrdog 07-15-2003 9:26 PM

The night started out great. After getting a fat sac for when we don't have enough bodies in the boat, I was getting more air than ever. I even managed to drop the rope back to the last 5 feet to give me an even 60. Here's where it got ugly. Nearly 1 month to the day of getting 9 staples in the back of my head, the board hit me right in the lip...9 stitches this time. Outside of adjusting to the new boat, I'm clearly having growing pains adjusting to this new board. I think my biggest problem is that I'm popping out of it much easier than my old boards. Should I coat the pad with something? Turn the footman loops around?

tuneman 07-16-2003 8:36 AM

Ouch!! That had to hurt. <BR> <BR>I've had problems staying on the Lowrider as well. In 2002 they changed the material for the pad and made it less slippery. The pad on the strap sucks because it has that slippery nylon coated neoprene. Look at my picture on the thread titled "Kneeboard Pain" and you'll see that I glued on that rubbery mesh stuff that you put under rugs. I now use 1/16" neoprene that has an adhesive backer. I have plenty of it, so I could send you some. <BR> <BR>Also notice the duct tape covered foam on the sides. This keeps me from slipping out the side. Don't turn the footman loops around. That will just increase your chances of breaking one since the force won't be distributed evenly. I hope this helps. <BR> <BR>ride low, GO BIG!!

brrrdog 07-16-2003 11:26 AM

I seriously appreciate the offer for the neoprene. I may take you up on it. But first of all, where do you get bulk neoprene, with adhesive or without? A dive shop? I cut up an old wet suit to make my ankle pad, but I'd like to experiment some more and I've only got the arms left!

tuneman 07-18-2003 7:46 AM

I got the neoprene from where I work. They bought a giant roll of the stuff, but I'm not sure where they got it from. <BR> <BR>For building up the pad, you can also use closed cell foam. Do you have an old life jacket that you could cut up? <BR> <BR>Old computer mouse pads are a good source for neoprene.

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