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chikara22 11-22-2009 6:59 PM

Went to ride today and had an ignition issue pop up. Seems like I need to try and start the boat about 8 times before it will actually start. Hear the beeping and I also hear the fuel pump running but the engine doesn't start until the the 8th try? Recently changed out batteries (Optima Blue Tops-one is the deep cycle and the other is the deep cycle longer amp hour battery) and also put in an off board charger. Also took the advice to turn off the Perko switch when charging the batteries. I keep it in a storage unit and it was only 65 degrees today. Any ideas of what the issue could be?

07launch22ssv 11-22-2009 7:18 PM

probably not an ignition problem.......unless your saying it wont even turn over until you cycle the key 8 times......if thats what your saying get a new keyswitch...

polarbill 11-22-2009 7:45 PM

If the boat is turning over strong 8 times then it has nothing to do with the batteries. Are you turning the key to the on position and letting it sit just for a couple seconds? That will let the fuel pump get the fuel up to the injection.

chikara22 11-22-2009 8:00 PM

Just the beeping sound when I turn the key all the way to the right. Normally would start right right up without any delay. I tried waiting for a second once the beep comes on, then continuing on to turn the key to try and start it. Only after I tried 8 times, did it finally turn over. Batteries were fully charged. maybe it is the ignition switch. Is this something that is relatively easy to switch out?

266crownlinebr 11-22-2009 8:27 PM

Did you try and shift in and out of gear? Do you have a run/no run safety switch on your throttle? Just guessing, but maybe your throttle/shifter was pushed too far forward/reverse. I have left the boat in gear and turned off the boat. Took a couple minutes to figure out what I had done. One other time, my daughter pushed the little safety switch to off mode and it took a few minutes to figure out.

johnny_defacto 11-22-2009 8:54 PM

will, just to clarify so we can help you out, in your first post you said it took 8 attempts to start the engine and in your second post you said it took 8 attempts to turn the engine over... <BR> <BR>I am assuming you were able to turn the engine over but it would not fire, and you tried this 8 times until successful. <BR> <BR>If your engine was not turning over, then do what 266crownline is saying, then check your ignition switch. but if it is turning over everytime but not firing easily, then you have another issue.

chikara22 11-23-2009 8:33 PM

on the first seven attempts, i would turn the key, hear the beeping and then the fuel pump running, but the engine wouldn't start or turn over. On 8th try, it finally started. The kill switch was not engaged, throttle was at neutral.

polarbill 11-23-2009 9:16 PM

You definately have a problem along the ignition circuit. Check the wires at the back of the switch. Also you may have a starter solenoid switch inline. This would be found somewhere back by the main harness probably. Your boat is kind of new but you should also check all battery cables at the starter, wiring harness, etc...

formfunction 11-24-2009 6:30 AM

A weak ground on the computer will cause that problem too.

dhcomp 11-24-2009 8:45 AM

My guess is the neutral safety swithc is out of adjustment. Try this. <BR> <BR>Pull the neutral lock on your shifter, put the boat in gear at about 1/2 throttle forward. <BR> <BR>Turn key, hold in start position. Slowly move shifter back to neutral. If it begins to crank at any point, you hav efound where hte neutral safety is set. Try the same with reverese (pull neutral lock first) if it doesn't work forward. Once oyu come up with the "routine" to get it to crank, you can use it til you get it ajusted

meathead65 11-24-2009 11:59 AM

Pulling the neutral lock out dis-engages the shift cable, which is what actuates the switch on the neutral safety circuit, so that won't find the problem.

denverd1 11-24-2009 12:58 PM

^ meathead's right. It won't help you diagnose the problem, but my money's still on NSS. You can, however, have someone move the shifter at the tranny forward and back while you cycle the key. Once you find where teh adjustment is out, its easy to adjust.

formfunction 11-24-2009 3:12 PM

I retract my previous statement about the computer.I wasn't aware the boat didn't turn over. <BR>I would start with the starter making sure its getting voltage when you turn the key.If it is the brushes are bad.If not there is something interupting the starter like the neutral safety or the lanyard.Make sure the switch is good before you make any adjustments.

bmartin 11-25-2009 8:12 AM

After Will's third post, I am thinking it sounds like a solenoid/starter issue, but could be a neutral or safety lanyard switch problem like Brock and others have suggested. <BR> <BR>You can tap on the starter solenoid with a hammer or heavy wrench to get a few more kicks out of it, but eventually you will have to have it replaced or rebuilt if that is the culprit. These things go with age and if you ever had a lot of water in your bilge that could have soaked or splashed on your starter.

dhcomp 11-25-2009 8:24 AM

Ok, my bad. Follow my instructions, but don't pull the neutral lock.

chikara22 11-28-2009 6:50 PM

Checked the boat out again today and found that the ignition switch housing was loose and spinning a little bit when I turned the key. I held the back of the module and it started right up. Cheap fix, always the best kind. Thanks for all your guys' help.

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