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grant_west 11-18-2009 7:32 PM

I have the RGB bug I want to start some RGB LED project's, RGB stands for "Red "Blue <BR>Green. <BR>With RGB Led's you can blend and create custom colors. I see there is no shortage of RGB products. They are becoming More and More popular day by day. <BR>Kind of like how when flat screen first came out they were 5 grand now they are very affordable. <BR> <BR>I was wondering if anyone has done any projects and could recomend a good controler and a Amp/Repeater. <BR> <BR>Here are some examples of What RGB LED's look like and can do. <BR><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHrCHPtzM4s&amp;feature=related" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHrCHPtzM4s&amp;feature=related</a> <BR> <BR>Just looking for some good reliable SMT LED's and a easy to use controler.

tazz3069 11-18-2009 8:19 PM

Try out these guys. I bought some LED for my project. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.superbrightleds.com/" target="_blank">http://www.superbrightleds.com/</a>

tgoin 11-18-2009 8:34 PM

Grant, <BR> <BR>Don't know exactly what you're looking for, <BR>but I have good luck and reasonable prices <BR>from oznium.com, check out their controllers <BR>to see if they are anything like what you are <BR>looking for - I have not used these, just many <BR>LED's and LED strips from them for cupholders, under the helm, etc. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.oznium.com/led-controllers" target="_blank">http://www.oznium.com/led-controllers</a> <BR> <BR>Todd

grant_west 11-18-2009 8:47 PM

Mark: Superbright is about 2x the price for RGB LED's as you can find on E-bay <BR>Example: <BR><a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/5M-150-LED-Flexible-RGB-LED-Tape-Controller-US-Seller_W0QQitemZ330341206134QQihZ014QQcategoryZ337 13QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/5M-150-LED-Flexible-RGB-LED-Tape-Controller-US-Seller_W0QQitemZ330341206134QQihZ014QQcategoryZ337 13QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem</a> <BR>This guys wants' $99 for 5 meters of RGB and a Controler. <BR>Todd: Oznium seems to be about the same. <BR>Like I sad there is no shortage of LED's out there. Just wanted to see if someone had some first hand experiance with RGB Controler's and Repeaters ect. I had played with some RGB that Mike came up with it was pretty finiky. If you bent it to much it would have problems ect. That's why I was looking for some advice on specific product. <BR>I would like to either see the stuff first hand or have a good Idea about the stuff before ordering stuff blind. I don't wanna get 50 feet of stuff that I have no idea is gonna work. <BR>Controllers don't list a good instruction of how the control or work. Anyone know if Ozinum will let you come to their shop>

dizzyj 11-18-2009 9:43 PM

ya, did a burning man theme camp a couple years back with rgb led's controlled the input with a micro controller and had the colors modulate to the frequency of the music (higher the notes, the hotter the color..etc). great for trance.

acurtis_ttu 11-19-2009 9:15 AM

All the ones I ever looked into were not waterproff. I was gonna use them in a pontoon boat.

grant_west 11-19-2009 9:29 AM

All the Waterproof LED SMT strip's I have seen are coated in a silicone and are real thick. I don't need or want the waterproof ones because they wont fit into all the plexy fixtures like light ring's I have made. This is a retrofit project. So if I can find or use a SMT strip as close to the size as the normal single color SMT strips the better. The 2 style SMT RGB strips I have seen are like this. Normal single color SMT stips are around 8 MM the RGB strips I have seen in 8MM and more common 11MM these wider strips 11MM strips are a bit harder to fit into plexy speaker grills ect. <BR> <BR>The controller Im looking for is one that you can set and will remember your last setting. I don't want to have a controller that you have to re set each time you turn on and off the lights. Most of the controllers I have see don't seem to have a memory feature.

jv210 11-19-2009 9:46 AM

Grant, Oznium sells a controller that remembers the last color it was on, only $20. <BR><a href="http://www.oznium.com/rgb-led-controller" target="_blank">http://www.oznium.com/rgb-led-controller</a> <BR> <BR>I got a project in my house that I'm gonna use RGB leds for and have looked at all the LED places and the ebay stuff seems the cheapest. My brother uses a lot of the Ozniun stuff in boats, but I think they all look the same; leds on a flexible strip. Oznium is supposed to be top notch, and their prices reflect that.

bcrider 11-19-2009 10:10 AM

Grant, Yes I have done this. I used the ones from Superbright LED's. I have a video and pictures. I bought the RGB 36 LED Bar. I have 2 strips on either side of the DD up under the gunnels of the boat so they shine down to the floor. What I did was buy some 1"1/2 clear tube from Home Depot, similar to what people use for ballast installs and put the LED bars inside and taped off both ends to keep the moisture off the lights. I then just wired them in line so they change colors at the same time. Note: I originally bought to controllers but they wouldn't change at the same pace as one would start a few seconds later. You only need one controller for both sides. This will ensure they change at the same rate. The farther the distance between the two sides the more the slight delay will happen due to signal. I can't take any pictures as my boat is up at my summer house for the winter.

grant_west 11-19-2009 10:24 AM

Yea I have been told that 1 controller will work 15 feet of RGB in 12 volt configuration no problem. If you start going longer than 15 feet the RGB signal gets week and you have problems. That's what the amp or repeater is for. You buy 1 controller. That RGB signal out of that 1 contoller go's to a Repeater and each strand or run you use has a repeater attached in line. That wat all strand change at the same time. Im intrested what kind of controller will not onle do fadeing but sequencing and or flashing.

david_e_m 11-19-2009 10:27 AM

Grant, <BR> <BR>We use a spray-on conformal coating that doesn't add any measurable thickness. E-mail Odin and he can share what he's using. <BR> <BR>Also, you could call Bob in our Lewisville mobile electronics location since he's recently installed RGB lights and controllers. <BR> <BR>David <BR>Earmark Marine

wakemikey 11-19-2009 4:07 PM

For some reason this never caught my eye - good job catching on to something kewl and new. It would certainly be neat! bcrider post up those pics!

wakebrdr38 11-19-2009 8:28 PM

There is a boat on my lake that has rgb lights on the tower. When he goes down the lake at night it looks like a ufo going across the water, its wild. First time I saw it I did a double take, you could see it a good half mile away changing colors.

joe_crawley 11-20-2009 12:02 AM

^ We sell something like that- could very well be: <a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&amp;item=180416722992" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&amp;item=180416722992</a>

trentj6930 11-23-2009 3:54 PM

Grant I bought a bunch of strips of the million color light strips. I have been playing with them in the garage and they seem ok. I want purple for my boat and if you cycle through the colors the Red and Blue stay on and the purple turns out not bad as long as you arent real close. I will be installing them over the next few weeks and will take some pictures and video for you if you would like.

grant_west 11-23-2009 4:34 PM

Trent: What are u using for a controler. <BR>How long is each of your RGB run's. Are u using any Amp/Repeaters. <BR> <BR>What is the thickness of the RGB you are running the most comon I have found is 11mm and 7.5mm. <BR>Where did you get yours and how much a foot did you pay for it. Have you tryed making tightbends with it?

trentj6930 11-25-2009 10:22 AM

I bought the Million color RGB strips from Oznium. I then bought the simple RGB controller from them as well. The strips are 6 inches long and are completely encased in a flexible rubber. I haven't tried making any tight bends yet. I also bought a sound sensitive controller from Oznium that I thought might be cool. I haven't had a chance to get them all installed yet. My wife thinks they are all stupid!! But if the king of bling likes them (that's you G!) Then I must get them installed ASAP! No amps or repeaters yet. I am going to string them all together on the bench and see how many I can get wired on the single power source before they go dull.

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