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len62 11-18-2009 2:26 PM

Has anyone found a better price for the Green impellers for ballast pumps? The green ones last about 25% longer than the yellow's. I got mine at Fairfield Supply <a href="http://www.fairfieldsupply.com/servlet/the-1839/jabsco-green-6303-0107/Detail" target="_blank">http://www.fairfieldsupply.com/servlet/the-1839/jabsco-green-6303-0107/Detail</a>

sailing216 11-18-2009 2:38 PM

No, that's a great price. <BR> <BR>I don't like mine. It leaks with my ballast puppy. I'm going back to black even if I only get 2 years out of it again.

len62 11-18-2009 2:41 PM

I am glad I did not over pay. Did the impeller cause the leak?

wakesk8er2 11-18-2009 4:08 PM

I got some stuff from him before. Super nice guy with great prices. I'm with Joe, though. I got yellow ones and they don't work as well as the black ones. I've got an '04 X2 and it takes forever for my belly bag to fill and empty ever since I put the yellow ones in. <BR> <BR>I'd definitetly buy from fairfield again, though.

sailing216 11-18-2009 5:04 PM

The green impeller (which is firmer than a yellow even) wasn't firm enough and while underway, and my bags fill up. I have big bags for surfing so I only fill part way while boarding and after one set my wake isn't dialed in anymore. <BR> <BR>Back to black. Just have to carry extra fuses in case the black impeller sticks. 06' Cent Avy. <BR> <BR>I'll use fairfield this winter. Thanks for the tip.

len62 11-18-2009 5:42 PM

The only time the impellers stick for me is if the pump sits unused for more than a couple of weeks. I was talking to a bud of mine and he said he used Dow Corning 111 silicone grease. I got some at Grainger (kinda pricy) and put on a very light coat. Works like a champ and seems to cure the sticking for a while. This is the link Grainger has locations all over for pickup. <BR><a href="http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/6Y762?Pid=search" target="_blank">http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/6Y762?Pid=search</a>

sailing216 11-19-2009 7:02 AM

Mine started sticking after 2 seasons and just after winter so yeh it sat for a few months unused. <BR> <BR>Another guy had the problem and lightly sanded down the mount point and polished the brass puppy plate. He said he hasn't had a problem since (over a year). <BR>I tried silicone grease, not the dow 111 you used but it worked for about 2 weeks then started blowing fuses again.

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