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empire_wake 11-17-2009 7:25 PM

The Collegiate Wake Series wrapped up its amazing year and first season! The amount of support was huge not only from sponsors but school clubs. We hit up 5 locations looking for the top 16 teams in the nation to invite to Austin TX for a rodeo style throwdown. <BR> <BR>And here are those teams! <BR>1) Florida State <BR>2) North Carolina Wilmington <BR>3) Central Florida <BR>4) Chico St <BR>5) Long Beach St <BR>6) Texas A&amp;M <BR>7) Texas <BR>8) South Florida <BR>9) Virginia Tech <BR>10) Texas Tech <BR>11) North Texas <BR>12) NC State <BR>13) Georgia St <BR>14) Georgia College <BR>15) Baylor <BR>16) Oregon <BR> <BR>The format is just like NCAA basketball. 16 teams, 1 rides against 16, 2 against 15 and so on. <BR>4 days of riding - one team left. Who will it be? <BR> <BR>AUSTIN TEXAS, DECKER LAKE, APRIL 15 - 18th!! <BR> <BR>Texas Ski Ranch April 16th 5pm - Midnight. <BR> <BR>3 after parties <BR> <BR>3 rider dinners <BR> <BR>DJ's, Live Music...and more!

landowakettu 11-27-2009 4:09 PM


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