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sidetracked3 11-17-2009 12:14 PM

I am about to buy a 2008 Supra sunsport 22v and wanted to make sure my Tahoe would pull this. It is a V8 but not a Z71. It has a tow package on it and has pulled my 2001 Moomba outback and I have also pulled a BMW M3 on a very heavy trailer. So do you think I will have any issues pulling this boat?

05mobiuslsv 11-17-2009 12:33 PM

No issues if you have a tow package with tow/haul mode. Your truck should have air ride shocks in the rear which really helps as well.

cbk 11-17-2009 12:33 PM

Not at all.

polarbill 11-17-2009 12:40 PM

Does your tahoe have the 5.3 or 4.8? Do you pull long distances or up many hills?

sidetracked3 11-17-2009 12:40 PM

Thanks. And it does have the tow/haul mode.

wakeboardsam 11-17-2009 1:06 PM

What gears do you have? Mine came special order with the 3.73's, but I just swapped them out for 4.30's and it tows much, much better...

jonblarc7 11-17-2009 1:16 PM

I pull a 24V with a silverado with the 5.3 and no problems.

phenom_1819 11-17-2009 1:23 PM

Heath, I have the same boat, and just sold almost the same truck. I had an Avalanche with the 5.3L, as others have said... you will be fine! Good luck with the new purchase!

elc 11-17-2009 1:25 PM

It will pull fine if its the 5.3. With gear, 6 passengers, 24" wheels, 21.5 ft boat and 3.73 gears our tahoe does lag a bit pulling through long grades. Although, it works for our needs.

dhcomp 11-17-2009 1:40 PM

It will do the job. Best tow rig ever? No. But will definitely get the job done, and safely. <BR> <BR>Make sure you tires are properly inflated.

bcoutsfly 11-17-2009 1:53 PM

My buddy pulls a 21SSV with a 6cyl Nissan Frontier with no issues. I used to tow my MoombaLSV with a Jeep Wrangler, no issues. Your Tahoe should handle it like a champ.

lifetimewarranty 11-17-2009 7:53 PM

Tahoe's are excellent tow vehicles. <BR> <BR>Don't give it a second thought.

newty 11-17-2009 8:59 PM

Another vote for the tahoe. I have a 5.3 in my tahoe and in my silverado and both tow fine. <BR>Although the Tahoe has the higher gears so it does a little better on the grades but sucks the fuel.

mikeski 11-17-2009 11:00 PM

I have the same two tow rigs as Newty but my Silverado has the higher gears. <BR> <BR>Don't run overdrive when towing and run it in tow/haul and everything should last. When you are going up a good grade pull it down into 2 and run it up to 4k RPM. Mine do pretty good if you do that.

flyspec14 11-18-2009 6:38 AM

No sweat, I pulled the same boat with a Sierra, slammed, w/ the 4.8 and a 4.10 gears. Mike is right though, stay outta overdrive.

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