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deneng 11-16-2009 9:12 AM

This Friday or Saturday @ disco bay

deneng 11-16-2009 12:50 PM

Not today. Sorry

11-16-2009 8:50 PM

Where is Disco Bay? I'm in Sacto by Garcia Bend. If you're not to far, I might be able to make it Friday. If weather holds.

deneng 11-17-2009 9:35 AM

Hi Kathleen it is between Tracy and Brentwood.

11-17-2009 6:43 PM

Dennis: Just found out I need a root canal on Thurs. afternoon. Better not count on me for Friday. Maybe another time we can meet half way somewhere? Or, if you're up this way, I have a malibu wakesetter and would be happy to take her out.

kitewake 11-18-2009 6:23 PM

D, <BR> <BR>I think I am full up for Sat... Wont be back from Seattle till Fri late... <BR> <BR>-BW

11-18-2009 8:47 PM

I could probably go Saturday if you still need people.

deneng 11-19-2009 4:26 AM

Sounds good Paul . We just need 1 more then.

deneng 11-19-2009 8:16 PM

Come on someone need a third from like 9:30 to 2:00. Fall ridin is the best..

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