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07-19-2001 11:51 AM

can someone give me tips on a hs 180?

07-19-2001 8:16 PM

What kind of 180? w2w, one wake or bunnyhop? If your going wake to wake, you will bust often if you cannot ride ts switch. If you can clear 3/4 of the wake riding ts switch, then you may have some luck landing it. I'm still working on this myself but found this to be true with my ts w2w 180s.

07-20-2001 3:15 PM

take a small progressive cut to the wake, pop off and pull the handle to your back hip while turning your board 180 degrees. Don't throw it off the wake wait until you are in the air. Halfcab 180's are easier because it feels more natural to land toeside riding regular. Hope this helps man.

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