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j_money 11-12-2009 11:56 AM

Took my Marek board and bindings into the local Hyperlite dealer (Scheels all sprots Fargo ND) for some warranty work cause the board was cracking on the heel edge and the rear of the bindings was fallin apart. Wakeboard season is done so even if it takes 2 months or more like it has in the past I figured no big deal. I received a call the next day from one of the stores associates who was extremely short with me and told me they ABSOLUTELY would not send it in for me for warranty work and went as far as saying they dont care if they have my business in the future. Thats fine but being the next closest Hype dealer is in the twin cities (4 hour drive) its a lil inconvenient for me. Local dealer told me I could do it directly through Hyperlite but remembering from past warranty issues you have to go through a dealer. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! It honestly ruined my day gettin chewed out from my local dealer about sending my board in and I even told him I would pay for any shipping charges or extra fees that the store might get and he still turned me away. I know Hyperlites warranty department is AWESOME I have worked with them in the past and seen numerous posts on here so Thanks for the help in advance. On a side note DONT SHOP AT ANY SCHEELS ALL SPORTS stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hawkeye7708 11-12-2009 12:03 PM

Jesse, call up Hyperlite's customer service, and explain to them what happened. The damage isn't from any mishandling or anything is it? If the point of sale isn't going to help you out, talk to Hyperlite and see what's up. You purchased a very expensive piece of material from them and they should be very interested in maintaining your customer loyalty. Have digital pics ready to email them, and offer to do so.

jeff_mn 11-12-2009 12:30 PM

lol @ using Scheels. They suck. Never use a "chain" store like that for Warranty work. <BR> <BR>Just call Hyperlite. They will take care of you. Don't owrry about the 17 year old kid working at Scheels.

j_money 11-12-2009 12:31 PM

Ha! sweet Ill give em a call <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> THANKS guys!

steezyshots 11-12-2009 12:41 PM

Hyperlite <BR> <BR>800-938-4646

snowboardcorey 11-12-2009 12:46 PM

Hey Jesse, give my guy Pat a call and we'll see what we can do for you. pat handles almost all of our warranty work. <BR> <BR>Corey <BR>Midwest MasterCraft

stephan 11-12-2009 1:22 PM

That sucks that the place that you share a name with is a pack of D-bags. You should have tried the "Don't you know who I am? I own this MFer!!" bit. Then proceed to fire the guy. If nothing else, it would be kinda fun to screw with him.

j_money 11-12-2009 1:32 PM

Talked to Melissa at Hyperlite. sounds like well get it figured out! <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

hawkeye7708 11-12-2009 3:43 PM

Awesome man. Glad to hear that it's going to work out. Scheels is only good for one thing and one thing only: The 15 cent Lemonade Quench Gum that they sell by the registers. And even that is a little stale.

greg_nelson 11-12-2009 4:07 PM

Jesse, <BR> <BR>You know we'll get it figured out. Melissa and our entire Customer Service and Warranty team are top notch. I'm surprised Corey hasn't posted yet, he's our warranty manager. <BR> <BR>My opinion on Scheels, everyone I've worked with there have been great. It sounds like you just got a bad employee on a bad day. <BR> <BR>-Greg Nelson <BR>Hyperlite Wakeboards

michaelspsp 11-12-2009 6:10 PM

i find it very impressive that Greg Nelson and Corey are on top of postings like this. Now if i could only get some inside information on the new boots in the works.....lol

sidekicknicholas 11-12-2009 6:36 PM

no real help here, but hyperlite has been terrible for me as for as customer service too... that was the sole reason I stopped riding their boards, I was afraid that if any little happened I would be SOL, again.

coreym 11-12-2009 8:22 PM

Nelson you know I am always checking in to make sure everything is OK. Come on buddy! I was keeping an eye on this the whole day. Riley told me he took care of posting contact info (thanks Riley!) and Melissa told me she had talked to Jesse and we were headed down the right path. We got a whole crew on top of this stuff!! This is ain't our first Rodeo! <BR> <BR>Nick - Sorry to hear you had a hard time in the past. This might be hard to believe, but it wasn't that long ago that I was running a small shop in a little tourist town and there were plenty of time I wasn't Hyperlite's #1 fan. Alot of things have changed since then. We are not the same company now as what we were back then. Heck, we arent the same company that we were even a year ago! <BR> <BR>If you guys ever need anything the Hyperlite Customer service is here to help you out. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out. <BR> <BR>Corey M @ Hyperlite <BR><a href="mailto:coreym@hosports.com">coreym@hosports. com</a>

jrich 11-13-2009 4:47 AM

Does riding rails/sliders void your board's warranty?

hawkeye7708 11-13-2009 5:11 AM

Jason, that it does my friend.

jeff_mn 11-13-2009 6:28 AM

good customer service right here.

jrich 11-13-2009 6:35 AM

WOW! then why would they advertise them with their riders hitting rails/sliders? I am no doubt a hyperlite fan but that is a little ridiculus to me. I have a tribute and a pulse, both are delaminating and hyperlite won't warranty them b/c i have had them on rails. It seems like almost every hyperlite board delaminates sometime within its first year. Not bashing HL at all but it seems like it would be cheaper for them to fix that problem rather than giving out free boards due to it's warranty issue. (but most of us like to hit rails so I guess they dont have to worry about 90% of them)

coreym 11-13-2009 7:03 AM

hitting rails will void your warranty, sorry. The damage that rails do to the bottom of your board shorten the life of that board. The twisting, scratching and friction of sliding a rail is a killer, and that is why all wakeboard companies have some sort of clause (if not a complete void of warranty) in their warranty policy about slider damage. <BR> <BR>I got a tip for you though. Pick up a blemish board from your local shop, see if you can special order one if they donít have any. I have a bunch of boards that will be discounted due to a blemish. What you donít see in those "advertisements" is that our riders are hitting the sliders with either their old boards or they are on a blemished board! They try, but I donít warranty their boards for slider damage either! haha <BR> <BR>I am not trying to speak for the whole wake industry right now, but I have some thing a 'lil interesting for you. Compare the warranty policies of the wake industry to the warranties of other like products. We are as a whole very lenient. <BR> <BR>Let me know if you have any other questions or if there is anything else that I can help you with. Thanks. <BR> <BR>Corey M @ Hyperlite <BR><a href="mailto:coreym@hosports.com">coreym@hosports. com</a>

jrich 11-13-2009 7:19 AM

what about the clash? isnt it specially designed to hit sliders?

hawkeye7708 11-13-2009 7:37 AM

Jason, that board, as well as boards like the LF Grind series for example are made to hold up a lot better on sliders, that way you shouldn't shred through the board as fast. It's accommodating those who like to hit sliders and give them some extra durability, but the warranty will still be voided.

coreym 11-13-2009 8:58 AM

Ben know's his stuff! Clash is a slider board but the warranty is still voided when you hit a rail. It would be like trying to warranty motor oil at your next oil change. It did the job it was intended to do and it is at the end of its life. Hope that makes sense. <BR> <BR>Corey M

saskrider 11-13-2009 11:42 AM

Reading these posts really gives me a new respect for Hyperlite, kinda strayed away from them the last while, but now seeing how much they care about their customers and treat them like fellow riders not just a "customer" really impresses me. You really don't see the Rep's, board designers and actual riders on trying to help people out. I think it's awesome for Hyperlite. Going to definitely have to check out the stuff for next year

hawkeye7708 11-13-2009 5:09 PM

Ha, thanks Corey!

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