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wakesk8er2 11-09-2009 1:20 PM

I've got an '04 x-2, and ever since we bought it(used), the gas gauge hasn't worked wuite like it should. It basically sits on full until you are just about to run out. We've only run out once, but it isn't really a problem because our lake is relatively small and there is always someone out there to tow us back or we could swim it back if we really needed to. Anyways, I'm looking on Ebay and I see this store that is selling a bunch of MC sending units. Can anyone tell me if any of them would work? Here is a link to one... <BR><a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MASTERCRAFT-7-INCH-BOAT-FUEL-TANK-SENDING-UNIT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem2ea7b760dbQQitemZ2 00382308571QQptZBoatQ5fPartsQ5fAccessoriesQ5fGear" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/MASTERCRAFT-7-INCH-BOAT-FUEL-TANK-SENDING-UNIT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem2ea7b760dbQQitemZ2 00382308571QQptZBoatQ5fPartsQ5fAccessoriesQ5fGear</a>

big_poppa_pump 11-09-2009 4:33 PM

I replaced one in my 99 X-star and it looks very much the same, it was manufactured by Centroid just like the product description says. <BR> <BR>I think if the length is correct and the harness hooks up you're dead-on. A lot cheaper than what I paid for mine even direct from centroid.

wakesk8er2 11-09-2009 5:28 PM

Yeah, I'm just wondering what the length is. He's got a bunch of them on there.

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