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ride4cwb 11-06-2009 12:17 PM

I'm looking to buy a 97 air nautique from a dealer there called The Boat Hunters and Cars. I was woundering if anyone on here was familiar with this dealer. Or even some history on the boat. Its pretty rough but i'm kinda looking for a fixer upper. Also, If anyone knew a good 3rd patry dealer in the area that i could have take a look at it for me to make sure it runs, drives, turns, reverse, ect, and let me know of any potenial problems besides the interior. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

slipknot 11-06-2009 12:44 PM

I think they pick up boats from auction, not sure though. With that kind of purchase you may want to buy a one way ticket and tow it back, if it all works out. Compression test should be done on the motor if anything.

sailerboy 11-08-2009 9:51 AM

We got our 2001 Super Air Nautique from them. We had a bit of problem with the prop (broken) and perfect pass (speedometer doesnt work), gauges (rpm and speedometer dont work) but got our boat very cheaply. 2001 super air nautique for 30000 with 60 hours. However, if it isnt the deal of the century, like ours was, i recommend going somewhere else. Defiantly make sure that ALL of the boats gauges work, and the prop works. Once you get the boat out of the dealer, they are impossible to deal with. As always, your millage may vary.

humboldt9 11-09-2009 8:08 PM

Move on...

rowdy 11-10-2009 11:18 AM

I go in there quite often since work in Burbank and am always curious as to what he gets. I've seen some killer deals on some newer boats in there that were in fantastic condition, but there's no way I would take a boat off his lot with out signing a contract that will allow for me to have a compression test done. He's a salesman and moves many boats through there. If you're looking for a 97, I would go private party in your area, but if you are getting a deal you can't pass up then it may be worth pursuing. I'm not sure if he does water tests, since the nearest lake is over a half hour away. <BR> <BR>I will be more than happy to go check out the boat for you.

seth 11-10-2009 11:36 AM

Hey Alex does your boat have the original digital gauges in it? If it has the updated gauges there is no way to tell the hours on the GT-40 motor. When I bought my 01 SAN from a dealer who buys stuff from auction and flips it, they told me it had 33 hours on it. When I told them those werent the original gauges, they didnt know what to say.

gregg_rossi 11-10-2009 1:32 PM

I would never buy a boat from a guy who writes descriptions like this: "SEXY BOAT!! Hey Nice Rack!!" or "SEX!!!! They say it sells boats" <BR> <BR>Doesn't scream class...

sailerboy 11-10-2009 6:13 PM

Seth, i am not sure. I know the hours gauge is digital, but the speedometer and tachometer are both analog. If you could give me a pic of the origional gauges, i can tell you of which one it is. I have no access to our boat now, as it is 90 miles away in a storage facility. I used to have a pic, but i dont know what happened to it. Thanks for making me aware of that

seth 11-12-2009 9:26 AM

Sounds like you have the updated gauges. The original digital gauges were completely digital. The newer gauges have digital hours and analog speedo/tach. This pic shows the original digital gauges.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/746832.jpg" alt="Upload">

sailerboy 11-12-2009 10:14 PM

Time to figure out how many hours are really on the engine. Yes, i think i have the updated ones. Thanks alot!

leveraged 11-13-2009 1:06 AM

how much can you get those digital gauges for aftermarket. Is it a pretty tricky change out?

seth 11-13-2009 1:43 PM

I dont think you can. They crapped out and were unreadable after awhile, and most people have switched to analog.

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