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y49sides 11-03-2009 7:08 PM

Recent took my 06' stock prop off to have it repaired (small dents and a bit of a vibration). I believe it said 14.25x17. <BR>I usually have about 8-12 riders but I don't usually fill the ballast. (beginner and novice rider mostly). <BR>Also do a lot of surfing. <BR>Is there a better size prop that I should be looking at or does MC do a great job in the R&amp;R? <BR>I just don't want to go out and buy a different one that will only give me a minimal change.

11-04-2009 4:48 AM

What motor is in the boat? Re-check the size of the prop as we do not make a 14.25 X 17.

cccbuilders 11-04-2009 6:35 AM

I have a 06 x30 with 350mcx. I re-propped with an 4.25x14.5. Depending what prop you currently have, this prop will get up on plane easily with full ballast and 8 - 10 people. I believe my stock prop was 13 inch. Night and day improvement.

y49sides 11-04-2009 8:35 AM

You are probably right about it being a 13 and not a 17. It's currently at the shop and couldn't remember. Thanks. <BR>What brand would be recommended?

11-04-2009 11:46 AM

Would say it is a 13.7 X 17. Our OJ PROPS 14.25 X 14 or 14.25 X 14.5 would be a big improvement.

y49sides 11-04-2009 3:16 PM

Eric. just got the call that the prop was ready for pick up. It is a 13.7 x 17. <BR>I have done some research on the 14.25 x 14.50. I have seen a few different cup sizes. Which would fit this application? <BR>Are you a dealer? Location? Any in stock?

11-05-2009 4:40 AM

The standard cup for the prop we supply Master Craft is .120. I am the builder of the prop and located in Loudon, Tn. The prop is in stock.

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