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soundbox 11-02-2009 11:19 PM

A few of you have been asking me to post up some pictures of this boat. Thankfully I've been very busy and have not been able to get many things up on WW. <BR> <BR>Started out as a bone stock boat with the radio delete option (no radio or speaker holes cut). <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745126.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Prepped the boat to keep it clean <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745127.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Batts and subs for the boat. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745128.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Cut new speaker locations. This is not where the stock location is but it was agreed that less people would kick the speakers when walking on to the rear deck (a complaint I have had from other Sanger owners). Interior speakers are Wetsounds XS-650s <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745129.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>2 batteries per rear locker with automatic isolator / combiner and on board charger <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745130.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Amps against hull under spotter seat. JL HD600/4 for tower, JL HD750/1 for subs, JL TMA320.4 for interior. A stinger 5 farad cap was added too. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745131.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Couldn't help but add a few LEDs. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745132.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>PAC ipod interface to HSE revolution to WS-420 in factory radio plate. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745133.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Had our graphic guy make some custom CF numbers that matched the Sanger decals. Turned out very nice. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745134.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745135.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Very hard tower to do a bimini top. Lots of hardware and pole bending. Built before tower speakers came in (measured twice and built once). <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745136.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745137.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Tight fit with bimini and Wetsounds 485s but the measure twice rule worked out perfect. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745138.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Tinted windshield 35% without any seams <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745139.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745140.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>The best part about this boat was being able to get almost every department of the shop involved.. Audio, Upholstery, Tint and graphic guy. The boat sounded and looked so good in front of the shop everyone passing by thought it was the new company boat. <BR> <BR>Finished product: <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745141.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/745142.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR> <BR>Please ask if I forgot to mention any details you would like to know. <BR> <BR>I have a few more projects to post up and will as soon as I get another break.

westsidarider 11-02-2009 11:26 PM

how long ago was that install done. I think i remember seeing a boat similar to this one, if not the same one at ski beach in disco one day over the summer. If that is the same boat....HOT DAMN is that stereo effin loud. prolly one of the cleanest, loudest stereos i have ever heard

taft 11-03-2009 1:56 AM

Why did you decide to change the bimini? I've got the 237 with the bimini, and I'm looking at throwing some wetsounds above it. Was it to improve on headroom? I know I've hit my head way more on the bimini in this boat in a month than I have in three years in my family's old boat. <BR> <BR>Also, what is the ipod interface like? Only controllable from the ipod?

hillbilly 11-03-2009 2:00 AM

That looks good Ben. I really like where you mounted the VC. I need to find a new spot for mine, It gets bumped often. <BR> <BR>I'm not crazy about the Sanger graphics, But I really like how that boat looks. <BR> <BR>Good Job ACME....

kmcginty 11-03-2009 6:24 AM

You left out the sub install and locations? Are those idq v3's? and how would you personally compare those to w6's (thread jack, I am thinking one 10, in a crew cab silverado)

hatepain 11-03-2009 8:04 AM

Sick wit it! Looks great as usual Ben and thanks for getting that up. I would have gone with black tower speakers but those look fine too. Did you get both subs in the foot well?

11-03-2009 8:19 AM

NICE!!!! <BR> <BR>Are those 6v batteries??

wetsounds1 11-03-2009 8:42 AM

Ben, super clean as always!! Maybe you can talk him into doing a custom light grey on the 485's. That would be killer. <BR> <BR>Tim <BR>Wet Sounds

mendo247 11-03-2009 8:52 AM

VERY NICE!!! New boat looks killer man.. Great to see the originator of big boat systems back in the game lol Cant wait to hear it.

mstoked2 11-03-2009 11:45 AM

Very clean install! Yea a few pics of the subs locations would be great!

ralph 11-03-2009 11:53 AM

I am trying my best not to buy a new Sanger at the moment. You are not helping!

05mobiuslsv 11-03-2009 12:39 PM

Damn Ben you pimped that ride.

hatepain 11-03-2009 2:59 PM

Tell the owner to change the key floaty out from Tige to Sanger ASAP!

soundbox 11-03-2009 4:51 PM

Jason - The boat was done almost 3 months ago and was at ski beach the weekend after it was picked up. <BR> <BR>Andrew - The boat did not have a bimini so we made one for it. The bimini is 1" from the 485s and I can stand up under it and I'm 6'. All control was done from the Ipod (no radio). <BR> <BR>Jeff - Thanks for the compliments. We can move your RVC but it would take a new hole in your dash. <BR> <BR>Kevin - 1 15" was under the drivers dash aiming towards the driver. Another 15" was behind the spotters seat firing down. Compared to the w6s I would personally take the w6s. The IDs sounded great, seemed to be very efficient and the box size was small for a 15 but would prefer a 13W6. For your crew cab look at the 13TW5 from JL audio. <BR> <BR>Hate - The tower speakers will be black next season. Nice catch on the floaty! <BR> <BR>Murphy - They are indeed 6volt batteries. Your amp rack ended up looking great. Did you ever get that box built for the Boston SPG? <BR> <BR>Tim - Thanks for the compliments. The original plan was to paint them blue, black and pearl to match the boat but now we are going to put all black. <BR> <BR>Richard - I always love your profile picture. We have another V215 in the shop now that is white with blue flames and a blue tower. Keep an eye out for it. <BR> <BR>Darren - Just do it!! <BR> <BR>NuBu - It was a fun project being able to change the boat so much in 4 days.

javony 11-03-2009 5:06 PM

I am also running 4 6v batteries and wanted to know which automatic isolator/combiner and on board charger you went with and how you went about hooking it up. Currently I hook the boat up to a battery charger when done for the day but thought an on board one would be alot easier. Thanks

chucktronics 11-03-2009 6:08 PM

Ben- <BR>Excellent install. As you stated, it's nice to see such good work on a variety of install components as well as keep them in house. usually a shop only prevails at 2 out of 3 or less. <BR> <BR>Great work ! <BR> <BR>Ryan -Chucktronics

zacky 11-03-2009 7:22 PM

Man, that's nice Ben. Thanks for sharing. I'll be getting a hold of you soon. I am looking into a couple of small projects for the car and boat... <BR> <BR>Keep up the great work!

blastmaster 11-03-2009 7:55 PM

I am long time Acme Customer and can attest to this being the highest end shop in Sacramento IMO. Rene,Ben and the staff really do incredile work.Their upholstery work is unbelievable. <BR> <BR>Rick

soundbox 11-06-2009 11:02 AM

Sorry for the late reply. Had another Sanger, a couple Harleys, a motorhome and a bunch of cars keeping us busy. <BR> <BR>Javony - A complete two battery bank management solution: <BR><a href="http://bluesea.com/category/1/productline/overview/329" target="_blank">http://bluesea.com/category/1/productline/overview/329</a> <BR>Onboard charger: <BR><a href="http://www.marinco.com/product/15-amp-three-battery-application-charger" target="_blank">http://www.marinco.com/product/15-amp-three-battery-application-charger</a> <BR>(One 5 amp output to starting battery and two 5 amp outputs in parallel for the 6 volts) <BR> <BR>Ryan - Thanks. We are lucky to have the variety of talent in housr that we do. Congrats on your new line you picked up. You will be very happy with it. <BR> <BR>Zakman - How are you doing! How's the system on the VLX? I'm here 6 days a week now so stop on by when you can. <BR> <BR>Rick - I didn't even know you are on here. Thanks for the compliments. How's the Superduty and the Sanger doing? <BR> <BR>I'll be posting up some more soon.

hatepain 11-06-2009 11:58 AM

Still putting Bullets on Harleys?

grant_west 11-06-2009 3:55 PM

Hey FYI: When you put the Registration sticker back on make sure you place it in the correct location and it has to be 3 inches from the CF numbers. Look at the Back of the registration sticker for instruction if you are confused. I was told by a Lake cop that most people place the registration sticker to close to the CF numbers (it has to be 3 inches away) and it's a chicken <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> to pull you over and give you the once over.

norcalmalibu 11-07-2009 10:55 AM

looks good..any pic of the sub installation?

tinytdubb 11-07-2009 11:19 AM

Sooo bad arse. Best looking Sanger I've eve seen. Chilidog, take note

hatepain 11-07-2009 2:55 PM

That is beautiful but Andrew Taft's gets my vote for hottest around. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/746060.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>(Hope you don't mind AT figured it couldn't matter since it is in your profile.)

taft 11-07-2009 4:32 PM

Aha, no worries Hate, my family didn't get that boat to hide it. Thanks for the good words on the boat again. <BR> <BR>Just need to follow suit and get those wetsounds and tint on this one. I think it would look sick with some daark tint to flow with the black hull.

dennish 11-07-2009 4:57 PM

I only wish it was hooked to my truck like when that picture was taken.

taft 11-09-2009 3:08 AM

You should've just kept on driving Dennis! Although I'm sure you don't have much to regret considering you've got a year long season with a dialed in 215. <BR> <BR>I only wish I didn't need to drive the boat north! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by taft on November 09, 2009)

ws6jay 11-26-2009 5:46 PM

Do you have a head unit installed or do you only use the ipod? I kind of want to set my boat up the same way as far as the IPOD -> HSE -> WS-420. Can you tell me what iPod interface you used to get your RCA out's if you don't have a headunit?? Kinda new to this, I appreciate any info you can give me.

wakeborder5 11-26-2009 6:38 PM

Jason, <BR> <BR>Here is what most people on here use, it gets you a good line-out for your ipod as well as charging capability. <a href="http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=385&amp;CategoryID=3 6" target="_blank">http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=385&amp;CategoryID=3 6</a>

saceone 11-26-2009 8:17 PM

very nice boat!!! thanks for sharing

rgoranson 12-22-2009 9:32 PM

Where did you mount the subs? Any pics? I'm not sure where to mount mine in my V215. Thanks.

hatepain 12-23-2009 7:07 AM

The best place to do one of them is in the drivers foot well. I have mine there firing towards the bow and it crushes. If you do a second most put them in the passenger compartment but the bass has a harder time escaping that compartment.

bcrider 12-23-2009 10:08 AM

Nice setup and both boats look sweet. <BR> <BR>Ben, I'd rather have the 61 or 64 in the background!

soundbox 12-24-2009 7:51 PM

Rob - I agree with Hate's suggestions for the sub placement. Try firing the sub in different directions under the drivers dash to see what you like the sound of best. <BR> <BR>Dave - Nice eye on the Impalas. Looks like there was a 61, 63 and a 64 in the same picture. Also looks like we had a Pontiac sedan delivery and a Crown Vic PD car in too that week. <BR> <BR>-Sorry to Hijack my own post but here are some pics for the Impala lovers. <BR> <BR>62. Stereo, Upholstery, Top <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/753165.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/753166.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/753167.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Old picture of another 62 but still cool. Monitors motorize out of the seat backs. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/753168.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>Very nice LS1 powered 64 SS <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/753169.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR>^^sitting really high in this picture (air bagged) <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/753170.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR>^^White carpet! <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/753171.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/753172.jpg" alt="Upload">

soundbox 02-23-2010 3:00 PM

This boat is in the shop for a pretty big upgrade. Look for a new thread soon.

beryessaboarder 02-23-2010 3:13 PM

Very nice!!!! That 62 is Bad Ass!!

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