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wyldsilas 07-14-2003 3:13 PM

What's the best way to go? <BR> <BR>I don't want anything permanent. I'm thinking a sac in each of the rear compartments. Will I need something in the front too?

ralph 07-14-2003 4:17 PM

From my understanding the V210 requires weight in the front more than weight in the back. Start with a 700 pound basement sac in the front &amp; maybe a bit of lead in the rear lockers.

h20jnky 07-14-2003 4:22 PM

Keep the boat and weight semi balanced. <BR> <BR>You put a lot in back, planning on putting a lot up front to compensate.... <BR> <BR>One sac in each of the rear lockers and then load the ski locker (if applicable) and under front seats with weight. Usually three sacs will do the job until you can play around enough to adjust for personal preference and riding style. <BR> <BR>The more balanced your boat, the better and harder your wake. Don't have much experience with Sanger but there are quite a few on here who give rave reviews regarding their wake when weighted.... <BR> <BR>Good luck! <BR> <BR>

jmanjohn 07-14-2003 4:23 PM

Most of us run a similar set up. 700 pounds in the locker is good for a decent wake. IMO. I run that plus a 350 on both sides of the motor. <BR>

barry 07-14-2003 6:12 PM

Wyld, <BR>The V-210 requires most of its weight up in the front. You can get away with running 12-14 hundred lbs in the ski locker/bow and produce a good wake at slower speeds(19-21)..but, It loses hight after 21mph with this config. <BR>Try running 700 in the locker, 700 in the bow and two 500 on each side of the motor.. if you don't want that much weight, keep the two 7's and change out the 5's for 250's.. <BR> <BR>B-

barry 07-14-2003 6:13 PM

'scuse me.. a 500 on each side of the motor, not two. <BR> <BR>B-

jmanjohn 07-14-2003 7:10 PM

Barry, <BR> Can You fill the 500 pounders in there? I can not completely fill My 350's. what did You do that I have not? <BR> I think I will have to try more weight in the front next time out. <BR> Wyld, sorry I stand corrected. <BR>Thanks Barry <BR>John

barry 07-14-2003 10:41 PM

John, <BR>I wasn't correcting you...you're correct in saying the V-210 produces a decent wake with 700 in the locker. If I came off that way you have my apology. <BR>What I meant is, the wake gets even better with more weight up-front, but, only until certain speeds... then it seems to require weight in the back too. <BR>There's a point at which more weight equals only a slightly larger wake but uses twice the fuel. <BR> <BR>The nice thing is that no matter how much weight, the wake shape doesn't seem to change much, it only gets bigger. <BR> <BR>B-

wyldsilas 07-15-2003 2:59 AM

Thanks to all of you. I appreciate the time. <BR> <BR>Although, I have a question? When someone uses the term "ski locker", are they talking about the big storage space on the "passanger" side of the boat directly adjacent to the driver? Secondly, if so, wouldn't I have to do something on the driver's side as well. Remember, I'm not looking for anything crazy. I just want a simple, fast system that I can fill up/drain at a moments notice(That's a relative term) when I have someone that wants a bigger wake. Something that will take 3 to 5 minutes to fill/drain, that can be easily removed. <BR> <BR>Am I thinking out of line?

ralph 07-15-2003 3:58 AM

Nope, ski locker is underneath the floor below the walk through to the bow.

wyldsilas 07-15-2003 8:06 AM

That's what I thought. My boat doesn't have a ski locker. I'll have to look at it tonight when I get home. Would throwing a sac on the floor up front work? Or, would it just slide around? Has anyone tried it?

jmanjohn 07-15-2003 3:34 PM

Barry, <BR>I did not take it like that, My wake far exceeds My riding level, I guess I really do not now the potential of My own boat! <BR> Do You fill the 500 pounders completely? Still wondering if I missed something. <BR>Thanks John

jmanjohn 07-15-2003 3:38 PM

Wyld, <BR> Remove the drain plug from the ice chest, pull the chest out with your finger. We are referring to the empty void underneath as a "ski locker"

barry 07-15-2003 4:06 PM

John, <BR>I'm glad you didn't take it wrong!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>You can try some lead or stack 250's to get the job done.We have used 500's in those lockers before but it's a very tight fit. I don't usually put that much weight in because it burns a lot of fuel. If you try it, you'll be surprised at the wake. <BR> <BR>B-

barry 07-15-2003 5:13 PM

John, check my profile for pic of my wake at 1400 lbs and 20mph.

goodtime 07-15-2003 6:46 PM

i have a line on a new 03 v210 with ballast, tower, stereo and 350 mag for under 35k, is that a good deal? <BR> <BR>just want some thoughts from you sanger owners, this will be my first sanger if i get it

goodtime 07-15-2003 8:33 PM

Hey guys? any ideas on the boat, just curious and dont know what the median is for prices on the sanger

ralph 07-15-2003 8:58 PM

That is a good price with those options, you might be able to wangle PP in the deal as well.

barry 07-15-2003 10:04 PM

Todd, If they won't throw in a PP, I would dump the stereo and take the PP in its place... You can build your own stereo that's far better then factory for less money. <BR> <BR>Seems like a decent price. <BR> <BR>B-

wyldsilas 07-16-2003 9:00 AM

Thanks for the info. You guys definitely helped. <BR> <BR>Todd-That's a good deal for a great boat.

wyldsilas 07-18-2003 1:43 PM


wyldsilas 07-18-2003 1:50 PM

Barry- I sent an e-mail with some questions.

typhoon 08-22-2003 7:53 PM

if you want an easy system, drop me a line...

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