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mike_hart 07-14-2003 3:08 PM

are there any good wakeskating magazines, and if so how could i subscribe. <BR>

brentlf 07-14-2003 4:37 PM

no clue dude, try searching for some through seach engines> <BR>

wakebo2169 07-14-2003 5:16 PM

alliance is doing a good job representing wakeskating.....subscribe to it

electricsnow 07-14-2003 7:28 PM

I have one word for you: BUTTER. Check it at buttermag.com. It is the only publication completely dedicated to wakeskating, so I would definitely suggest you check it out. <BR> <BR>Paco also has his old paper printed mags for sale (which have wakeskating and w.boarding), and he has his latest endeavor titled "Butter 2002+1." It is a beautiful, high quality wakeskating book that has heavy paper and semi glossy pages. It is super dope and one of the best things out there (wakeboarding doesn't even have anything this cool). You'll also find some of the best interviews you can find in that book (byerly, thomas, zero, and chris mack)and the layouts are unique and give your eyes something interesting to look at on every page. Seriously, you'll never find anything like this in "wakeboaring magazine." Also, the book is limited to 2500 copies, so it will be a sweet collectors item. Lastly, the book comes with a CD-ROM that has some extra photos and stuff. <BR> <BR>Check it, you won't regret it. Oh yeah, if you can't buy it directly through the site (I know he is doing some reconstructing) he has a z-shop at amazon.com. Use the key word "wakeskate" and you're in like flint. take care

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