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warlock00 07-14-2003 7:21 AM

Hey I am just curious as to how fast ppl. are picking up w-skating tricks...I have been w-skating for about a 1 1/2 months now, and have learned: <BR> <BR>surface 180's all directions switch and blind <BR>surface 3's from switch only though <BR>backside lipslides and bs ls to surface 180 out <BR>frontside lipslides <BR>ollies <BR>heelside w2ws <BR>ollie 180 shuv its <BR>ollie body varials <BR>working on ollie 180s, and 1 wake 180s, 1 wake shuv-its, and attempting to try kickflips, but and not close. <BR> <BR>how fast is everybody else progressing?

mike_hart 07-14-2003 2:06 PM

well, i basically suck, but in a week i could pop shuvit off the wake. <BR>

brentlf 07-14-2003 3:41 PM

it really just depenbds on your experience in wakboarding and skateboarding on how quikly you progress. Ive been wake skating prob 6 or 7 times and im about where you stand trick wise(minus the body varial) but ive skateboarded for a while. so yeah id say your progressing normal or fast at anything

turtle 07-14-2003 8:01 PM

With fins?

warlock00 07-15-2003 7:24 AM

yes with fins, if you are asking me. <BR> <BR>and I think that is maybe what is taking me so long...I never skateboarded, so I have no idea of how to kick the board. I have to learn every move with no experience of keeping the board under me. <BR> <BR>Oh and for the record that month and a half of riding is mostly on Sat. and Sun. mornings, until the water gets to bad.

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