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mxracer 07-11-2003 9:33 PM

I've been thinking about getting a cassette linear perspective 142 for ~$100 but I don't know if i should save up another 100 bones and get a concave. So far i've just been using my damn skimboard :P so anything would be an upgrade from that LOL <BR>What's your guys' opinions?

otiswunguy 07-12-2003 9:57 AM

hyperlite grubb 116 <BR> <BR>

forum25 07-12-2003 10:47 AM

my buddy has a regular cassette and i just bought a concave. HE said there is a huge differece and loves my board...the kick tails make it easier to ollie and do various tricks he said. I like my concave and would personally save up the extra cash to get one! but thats my opinion! <BR>

mxracer 07-12-2003 9:45 PM

I guess i should just save up my dough for the concave. The only reason i wasn't going to get a concave was because i spent almost all my cash on a new board/binding setup. <BR> <BR>

barry 07-12-2003 11:35 PM

Save your cash for a concave.. well worth the extra money.

brentlf 07-14-2003 4:48 PM

build a flat skate and buy a concave. concave is well worth it

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