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forum25 07-11-2003 2:58 PM

Anyone know where i could find a cassette hat on-line?

brentlf 07-14-2003 4:49 PM

never seen one

electricsnow 07-14-2003 7:31 PM

I would try calling linear distribution. I know that last year, cassette sold t-shirts and other soft goods directly to the public, but I am not sure if that has changed or not. Your best bet would be to get their contact info from cassettewakeskates.com and see what you can work out...come to think of it, they may not have the number on there anymore, so you may have to e-mail someone. Good luck.

fbroen 07-15-2003 11:23 AM

Here's the number (from thread below): <BR> <BR>thomas horrell <BR>Linear Distribution <BR>2506B Taylor Ave. <BR>Orlando, FL 32805 <BR>(407)849-9000

503rider 12-13-2004 6:21 PM

cassette hats at buywake.com

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