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07-10-2003 10:09 AM

Have decided the next trick in my arsenal is landing blind 180's. I am currently cutting out into the flats to get the feel for holding the handle behind my back before I attempt the spin. the problem is when I do that I can't hold it....I automatically get spun into a surface 180 and end up facing the boat again. Help!!

07-10-2003 12:38 PM

the handel is not close enough to your back. the video and tips on this site landing bling is good. step by step this is an easy move

07-10-2003 9:23 PM

Can you ollie 180? They are a good starting point, take a light hs edge ollie and do the bs spin, but try to put the handle in your other hand as quick as you can. And then try an inside out 180, they are the same basicly. I've found with all of my bs 180's is that the harder you cut its harder to land and the handle pulls you around and you do a back plant.

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