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tom13knotek 10-07-2009 10:37 AM

Moving down to the area for a couple months, seeing if I can hook up with some hardcore boat riders who like to sac the shiz out of boats and throw down some serious steeze. good for gas or gas money, cleanup, beer, and 2 750 fat sacs w/2 tsunami pumps <BR> <BR>thanks }

jhebert 10-07-2009 2:47 PM

tom....i dont if you have already but post on <a href="http://www.360wakeboard.com" target="_blank">www.360wakeboard.com</a> thats the local site....and if you ever feel like makin the drive to beaumont we ride 4-5 times a week....sacked out and serious...lol youre welcome to hop on my boat, and the weekend of the 24 and 25 theyre having a contest and party on lake travis you could meet plenty of people there

tom13knotek 10-07-2009 5:44 PM

thanks man, i registered

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