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07-09-2003 7:28 PM

I have a really small wake and I was wondering if there are more and easier tricks to do kneeboarding off a small wake then there are to wakeboard. Also is it easier to get more air kneeboarding than wakeboarding, off a samll wake I mean. <BR> <BR>Scott

07-10-2003 1:55 PM

i have the same problem and if anyone has any answers email me at <a href="mailto:joe_3040@yahoo.com">joe_3040@yahoo.co m</a> please, or just post them here

tuneman 07-10-2003 3:17 PM

IMO, the amount of tricks you can do is probably the same. For basic tricks, kneeboarding tends to be easier. <BR> <BR>As far as getting more air, that's going to depend on the rider. Kneeboarders depend more on wake size because they can't use their legs for pop. But, kneeboarders have a larger surface area, resulting in more pop.

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