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07-09-2003 4:43 PM

I got a Mariah Shabah 18ft...no one has probably heard of it, but anyway, I have done all watersports behind it besides maybe 1 or 2. The only problem that I seem to have is Slaloming. The wake is just too big, so when I make a cut out in the flats I'll ramp off the wake and get sweet air (what I like wakeboarding) and do a huge face plant. Any tips on reducing the wake size/height? Any tips would be appreciated.

bbeach 07-10-2003 8:03 AM

Yeah buy an inboard!!,

07-10-2003 10:37 AM

wow, thanks for the help

bbeach 07-10-2003 12:21 PM

No seriously try trimming the transom down and you might also try adding a bit of weight to the front of the boat, this might get some of the back end up and out of the water more...

tacosupreme 07-10-2003 2:00 PM

Is it an Outboard or I/O? I used to have an outboard and added a Lift Plate on the back. Combined that with the trim and you could just about lift the whole boat out of the water and have it just ride on the engine. Kind of wobbly inside the boat. It would chime walk quite a bit. But almost no wake at 36 mph.

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