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venom93corba 10-05-2009 6:26 AM

Hey guys I got to see this being done for the first time yesterday and both guys started off on the back of the boat. This looks kinda dangerous, lol. This might be stupid but has anyone ever heard of anyone getting hurt by the prop? It's just that its right there. I'd like to get kids started but I just wanna be sure it's safe starting out that way.

duckboat 10-05-2009 9:40 AM

V-drive is ok prop under the boat. Prop under swim platform doesn't count not safe. Go to youtube search wakesurfing to learn more.

duckboat 10-05-2009 9:50 AM

This new rr law! Not safe! 7 out means 1st out at times and other times 1st out can be 3rd out.

venom93corba 10-05-2009 10:04 AM

Haha I know Craig. It's confussing for us to. I'm in the yard though so if it's no in call cycle I don't answer the phone.

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