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bigobuck 09-28-2009 9:24 PM

Props Wakesurfers is thinking of putting together a demo day somewhere in So. CA. We're not sure about all the details yet. First thing I need to know is, what type of interest there is for an event like this. Please respond to post if you are interested.

bigobuck 09-28-2009 10:48 PM

Sorry Didn't mean to SPAM the forum again. Please delete my post, since I cannot self monitor my own post and do not want to get kicked off the forum.

09-29-2009 12:44 PM

What days & where would this happen The MoB crew are down

bac 09-29-2009 1:14 PM

I can see where this is on the fence for being spam Clay, but at the same time, you are offering others in the community a chance to get out and ride on and check out some different boards. Trust me, is Dave thought it was spam, you wouldn't have been able to post your reply, because he would have deleted it. <BR> <BR> It would probably have been better in the Wake Events section, but honestly, I don't think anyone ever really looks there.

bigobuck 09-29-2009 4:25 PM

@TXSurf - Thanks man. We will see where this thing goes. <BR> <BR>@J.L. - How many guys you talking about in the crew?

09-29-2009 6:42 PM

Depends on the dates. 3 people Sleigh, Rock &amp; Deadmeat, We have our New Movie Premiere On Sunday In Mission Viejo at The ASE Surf shop, We are busy next week, Sleigh's heading to Havasu I'm heading to Santa Cruz, For DJ James Z wedding ,Then The Sacred Craft Show at Del Mar Sat &amp; Sun

surfdad 09-29-2009 7:16 PM

JL if you can, would you post some pictures from Sacred Craft, we won't make it...I'd love to see some of the highlights. <BR> <BR>I thought I saw somewhere that DJ James Z was getting married! Congratulations! May you and your Bride have a long and loving life together.

jdjjamesz 09-29-2009 7:29 PM

Thanks alot jeff,yeap its coming quick,getting kind of nervous.

bigshow 09-29-2009 8:10 PM

No body looks at the events section. The only time I go there is to post up event notices that no one reads.

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