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rob_pitchford 09-28-2009 8:23 PM

Ladies can you please help me out. I am a big Ronix fan having the IBEX. I was leaning towards the Coy board and bindings as they are Ronix a more advanced set up. My wife is progressing and is pretty solid wake to wake. Any comments or feedback on this setup? Any other recommendations?

09-29-2009 7:44 AM

The dahlia/mana shape is fun. Get her to demo a few different shapes.

wakekat15 09-29-2009 8:45 AM

Sorry, I'm no help on Ronix boards or any brand that is female specific. I have always ridden "guy" boards and bindings. Currently using the Ronix Relic bindings on a Byerly Monarch. Loved the board from first ride; still on the fence with the Relic bindings only having used them a few times.

tcan 09-29-2009 12:50 PM

i went through 8 decks and got to the coy and stopped there!!! i love the angles and how light it feels, i have ripped acl repeatedly and this board for me has the softest landings. honestly i liked it so much i bought 3!! 1 for sliders and 2 for riding saltwater and fresh. ronix is the most innovative and comfortable board i have been on. the bindings are so comfortable even going down a size to get that tight squeeze.

rob_pitchford 09-30-2009 12:33 PM

Thanks for the info. I like what i am reading Tracy! I have read the board is very light which is key for lighter riders. Curious on the pop- any feedback. Right now she is clearing with wake but needing work on getting more pop so a board with good pop would be nice.

tcan 09-30-2009 1:17 PM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/195511/738170.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR>here i am no effort not steaming...actually flattened out at the wake, and taking easy riding injured...lol <BR>it gives you a serious boot and when you really haul into the wake feels like you get stuck in the air :o) the boards got choke po! (alota pop) for me more than the syn, and bout any board...all the other boards i've been been on feel like water hogs now that i have been on this (well except the ronix DHV2)

dlwsrider 09-30-2009 3:23 PM

That is an absolutely sick board. I rode it all of last year, and really enjoyed it. The pop is exceptional, and it's very responsive. <BR> <BR>100% on the Coy

rob_pitchford 09-30-2009 7:58 PM

Fantastic Ladies - I have the Ibex and absolutely love it! I am stoked to go for the Coy then for my wife. I was thinking of going with the Coy binding as well? Any thoughts?

tcan 09-30-2009 8:23 PM

my only complaint is the slider mechanism siezes up. but if you are not on saltwater maybe you don't have the same problem. they are so comfortable its a crime...lol <BR>go both if you have problems they are under warranty for a year <BR>i had a liner rip out and they replaced it.

beckycarter 10-01-2009 5:38 PM

Hyperlite Syn

shellyrn 10-01-2009 5:51 PM

Lovin' the syn myself!

rob_pitchford 10-01-2009 11:14 PM

Just picked up a 08 Coy with matching bindings. The local shop had a great deal on the 08. Went with the 137. Her Hyperlite Divine was 134 but the guys at the shop recommended going with the 137. She is 5'6" and 135. What do you think Tracy - right size?

tcan 10-02-2009 2:19 PM

i am 5'6" 120 i use 132, its what i am most comfortable with. i ride primarily saltwater, i have heard the argument about size and the salinity levels so riding on salt we are more bouyant...if i were riding fresh water it would be 134...137 to me seems way too big. the boards so dang light you don't really need the bigger board unless you are a bigger person, or you just like riding like that.i have riden the dhv2 (137 i believe) he's 5'9" 160 and the board fits hit just right and he flies! he's been through an array of decks as well... plenty (the board i got for hubby) and i feel like i am on a boat! <BR> <BR>you know what though i bet if i rode the 137 i would just get used to it <BR> <BR>she's gonna be so stoked when she rides it regardless of whatever she was riding before this one will smash performance of legacy decks!

rob_pitchford 10-03-2009 7:45 PM

She is right on the upper limit of a 132 and I think more riders are going to longer boards. I guess its only 3cm longer than her current board so lets hope she likes it. <BR> <BR>ps it looks like you ride in Hawaii - any suggestions for a family (young one is 1.5 yrs) to go where i could get some good beginner waves?

tcan 10-04-2009 12:34 PM

if oahu the place would have to be dukes. sandy bottom constant 1-3 ft rollers <BR> <BR>she wil LOVE the new board! lucky lady :o)

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