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doubleup138 09-28-2009 1:25 PM

New to the area, going to school at UT Tyler and would love to get out on the water on the weekends. Any other riders out there?

seiferttim 09-28-2009 2:48 PM

Welcome to Tyler. I also go to UT Tyler. I am always ready to ride. Don't have a boat so depend on my friends but they have been flaky lately. We usually ride on the weekends up in Mineola. I think we are going this Saturday. We are always looking for other boarders or I am good for gas, clean up, etc if you have a boat.

doubleup138 09-28-2009 5:08 PM

I unfortunately do not have a boat up here, but I am also good for gas and clean up. What lake do ya'll ride on?

seiferttim 09-28-2009 7:21 PM

Lake Holbrook, it is small but usually good water in the mornings and not much traffic. About forty minutes from UT Tyler campus. PM your info and I will let you know when we go out.

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