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r_brown 07-08-2003 9:22 AM

last night all my stereo stuff was stolen out of my boat in LIVERMORE my amps my speakers <BR>2 arc audio 6in <BR>1 sound stream amp 880W <BR>1 sound stream amp 330W <BR> <BR>if anyone hears about anythnig like this for sale PLEASE dont buy it and let me know <BR> <BR>THANKS A LOT <BR> <BR>Ryan B 925-209-0209

dbdynsty25 07-08-2003 9:33 AM

I'm sorry man. I got my system stolen out of my car a while back and that crap isn't fun. Good luck finding your stuff.

lzyboy 07-08-2003 9:51 AM

Ryan - <BR> <BR>Sorry boss - I had mine stolen earlier this year as well 2 G's werth. . . What goeas around comes around. I will keep my eyes posted for ya out here in Disco and in the Bay. . . <BR> <BR>A

flipside 07-08-2003 11:06 AM

Did you have your stuff insured? <BR> <BR>FlipsidE

peeejay 07-08-2003 11:09 AM

i just got my stereo installed at sounds unlimited i had the put in an alarm with a pin in the staorage door . if anyone opens it it will sound off.still not fullproof but it might scare them off. by the way my 1st boat i filed a insurance claim and only paid 500 deductable out of 2500. good luck bro! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>lazy c ya in shasta!

bond 07-08-2003 11:34 AM

<BR> <BR>Ryan - Hey I went through the same thing acouple of years ago but ny boat was in the Marina "dock", Now my insurace agent said they would not cover the stereo because of where it was located. Now if it would of happened in front of my house I.E driveway that my homeowners would have covered it as personal property. I have taken photo's of everything nnow of the new up-graded system including all pricing and gave that to my Insurance company, they increased my preimium to cover anything "Stereo wise" just in case. <BR> <BR>Soory again I will keep my eyes open for your stuff. <BR> <BR><a href="mailto:Mike@wakeon.com">Mike@wakeon.com</a>

jarrod 07-08-2003 12:04 PM

That sucks. Boats are too easy to steal stereos out of.

gunz 07-08-2003 12:08 PM

Dude,that sucks!I'm really paronoid about somebody gettin mine.I park it in my backyard,next to the dog run,under a cover.Even when we're camping I worry about it.It's a shame this crap happens. <BR>Hopefully insurance will cover your loss.

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