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t0nyv831 09-21-2009 2:17 PM

It's freakn hot and I'm looking to ride tomorrow!! Super chill, have gas money, and can drive if needed. Boat owner, so I know what's up. Hit me up..pm,post or call. Thx. 831-261-5744 <BR> <BR>Tony

black_ops_09 09-21-2009 3:25 PM

hey looking to go to delta friday

dellagucci 09-21-2009 4:33 PM

yoo whaddup i might be goin up thursday/fri with my nautique. just waiting for a pump for my sacs and im out!.

t0nyv831 09-21-2009 5:11 PM

Sup Stephen?! Yeah, I'm working thurs &amp; fri otherwise I'd take you or Jason up on that. Thx for looking out guys. If you get out Sun-Wed next week, let me know. Peace! <BR> <BR>BTW, I've yet to take my boat back to Anderson to get banded, but as soon as I do, it's on like donkey kong!!

dellagucci 09-21-2009 5:20 PM

ill go tomorro if i can borrow a pump

t0nyv831 09-21-2009 5:43 PM

It's on!! I'll bring my pump. What time and where?

dellagucci 09-21-2009 7:26 PM

yoo ok call me at 650 833 8351..i launch at orwood around 730 8 am

black_ops_09 09-22-2009 8:37 AM

Im looking at thursday now, what day are you guys going up?

t0nyv831 09-22-2009 8:33 PM

Jason, just got back. I've got work the next couple days, so I'm out till at least next week. I'm not sure about Stephen tho. He was talking about hitting it up later this week.

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