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wakewilly 07-07-2003 10:32 AM

I started to pack my board bag and everything to head back east for a week long wakeboard trip at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland and everthing was going fine. We got our airline tickets through United. Flew out of SFO early Friday morning to Philadelphia where we were then suppose to transfer to a US Airways plane and fly to Pittsburg. Everything seemed smooth once we got to philadelphia and then eventually Pittsburg until we got to the baggage claim. We waited for close to an hour with the rest of the people on our flight until I decided to go up to the baggage desk and ask why I should have to wait over an hour for my bags. I soon found out that our bags along with the rest of our flight's bags were in Philadelphia. So we made it to the lake without any of our clothes or boards and met up with our friends with a Super Air. The whole time we've been trying to get ahold of a US Airways baggage person over the phone to find out where our bags are and in the process, the employee informs us that a belt broke thursday in philadelphia and 3 to 4 THOUSAND bags have been "stranded". THe employee didn't seem to think that it was that big of a deal to be without our baggage for almost half of our trip that we payed for. It turns out that we didn't receive our bags until late tuesday night of the next week. This was almost halfway through our week long wakeboard trip. <BR> <BR>What really gets us the most is, why didn't they inform us that there was a broken belt (that happened THURSDAY) when we were in Philadelphia (on FRIDAY!!) or even once we got to Pittsburg. They had us wait over an hour for baggage that wasn't going to arrive and then wait for us to eventually come to sense and get into the lost baggage line that was a mile long. It would have been a lot nicer to have been informed of the situation. Furthermore, to have an employee tell me over the phone that "it's not that big of a deal, you'll have your baggage in a day or two" is just inconsiderate. She gave me the impression that she didn't really care how long it took to get me my bags nor did the baggage handlers and that sucks!! I added up the total cost for everything that was in my board bag and it was well over $2500 and it made me think I was taking a rather large risk letting a half bankrupt airline lose my luggage. <BR> <BR>So from now on, when I choose tickets through United or any other airline, I'll be sure to check who the carriers are after I transfer. It sure won't ever be US Airways again. I guess i just needed to vent and try to warn other people before their trips almost get completly ruined. <BR> <BR> willy

colorider 07-07-2003 12:50 PM

Uh, I dont know about United. They are a full bankrupt company at the moment and have lost my bags more then any other airline. Airline's baggage issues are only as good as the people they hire to handle your bags. Not often are they the pick of the litter if you know what I mean.

egress 07-07-2003 1:47 PM

Dude get used to it. Happens all the time. Once my bag got caught on the belt and it ate through the bag itself and started pulling my clothes out and shredding them. The only good thing is that they just asked what is it worth - then cut us a check on the spot. I made money, you should too.

h20jnky 07-07-2003 11:00 PM

Pretty ironic that they even lose their own pilot's bags......<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>It's happened to me twice now!

deepstructure 07-08-2003 9:43 AM

i know some folks use ups or fedex to send their stuff on ahead. if it's a possibility (if there's a destination you can pick it up at), it might be something worth looking into next time.

07-08-2003 2:06 PM

Now you know why people hijack planes. Not 'cause they're extremists but because the airline lost their stuff. j/k. That really sucks, Chris. If that happened to me I would ask the airline for some sort of compensation.

ridehyco 07-08-2003 8:01 PM

What a crappy week for you man. That sux. I've been fortunate and never lost any bags. However, a bit of advice for you. Never ever ever ever ever make a connection using another airline. Always stick with the same airline from point a to point b. Probability that your luggage will be lost is less when you stick to the same airline all the way thru. Now all you gotta hope for is that they dont bang up your board! I heard airlines hate those big bags. <BR> <BR>H

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