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desperado 09-20-2009 5:08 PM

Hello folks, <BR> <BR>I was thinking about buying a 2009 One Binding from Ronix. Since my dealer didn't have them in stock, I tried the Cell instead and found them awfully stiff. Is the One comparable in stiffness or are they softer? <BR> <BR>Generally, I'm looking for a CT binding with soft landing for raleys and obstacles. Any suggestions?

calexan 09-20-2009 10:55 PM

Cells do break in some too... Mine have already loosened up some in the season ive had them. <BR> <BR>Ones are softer for sure. Ive never had em but my friend does and loves em. I went with the Cells cause i like stiff boots though on water and snow.

cavlxenvy 09-20-2009 11:17 PM

Had them both. Went with the One boots over the Cell boots. To me, the Cells seemed stiffer this year (09) than last year. I have the One boots and love them.

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