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obriengotwake 07-06-2003 12:22 PM

I wanna know what is the better boat for boarding wakes (no sking). Best wake with least amount of weight. as lookin at quality, handeling, room for people, storage, inside deapth (small childern dont wanna lose them). Lets try not to turn this in to a war just asking for experiences. If you have any ideas on what other boat might be a good option throw that out too.

jiving 07-06-2003 3:14 PM

Same question, different day!

ralph 07-06-2003 3:19 PM

I haven't been inside an x-10 so I can't give a comparision, but I have been in a 03 Tige' 20V & it was probably one of the deepest boats I have been in, very high freeboard & a nicely laid out interior. Would be great for kids, I expect the 22V would be even better.

phat_in_cincy 07-06-2003 7:35 PM

I have an '02 X10. I run the stock KGB system and about 400lbs additional weight up front to solidify the wake. I've had guys that ride behind '00 X Star and SAN give positive reviews with no probs doing inverts and such. TONS of room for people and storage. Nice depth to keep kiddies from bailing out and it handles some rough water great (big surprise to me). I can't comment on Tige...no experience.

mikep 07-07-2003 9:19 AM

I own a Tige' 22V so my opinions may be somewhat biased, but I'll try not to be. I've ridden behind the 21 foot Maristar, which is the same as the X-10. Here are my opinions on what you were interested in: <BR> <BR>Best wake with least amount of weight - The only way to tell which wake you would like better would be to ride behind both. I have ridden behind the Tige' 22V and the X-10/Maristar with 1500 pounds of ballast. The Tige' wake is much steeper than the Maristar for starters. Some people like a more rampy wake, some like steep. The Tige' wake is also very, very hard, which gives you a bucking pop, where as the Maristar/x-10 is bit softer. The Tige' will take less weight to get big, but the Maristar could probably take as much weight as you could throw in it. My opinion is that they are both good wakes, but I prefer the steeper, harder wake. <BR> <BR>Quality - Both quality boats in my opinion. I've owned on Mastercraft and two Tige's. Fit and finish on the Tige' has really been improved recently. Mastercraft has been high quality for some time. <BR> <BR>Handling - the 22V handles really, really well and the TAPS really helps this is rough water. I didn't drive the Maristar enough to know how well it handles. The one thing I have heard is that the Maristar does not have skaggs on the bottom like most ski boats, but I don't know how that affects the handling. In fact, I can't even verify that. The best thing to do on that is test drive. <BR> <BR>Room - both have tons of room. 22V may have a slight edge on storage because of the 102" beam. <BR> <BR>Depth - The '03 Tige's are really really deep. I had a '00 21V and my '03 22V is probably at least 6" deeper. <BR> <BR>Good luck and make sure test drive both! <BR> <BR>

wakeguru 07-07-2003 11:52 AM

That's a fair assessment by Porter. I wouldn't say the X-10 wake is soft though. It might just seem that way because it doesn't have the vert. Might be easier to learn on. <BR>Tige did win an award for the best unweighted wakeboard wake in the industry a few years back.

bambamski 07-07-2003 11:58 AM

Both would be great boats. I own an X-10 and I really like the wake it throws. It is a little softer with the stock ballast, however all you need is a 350-500 pound sack in the front which will harden it right up. <BR> <BR>I've never ridden behind the Tige so I can't comment on the wake however I did help out our local Tige dealer by cleaning his boats up for the show this year and the Gunnel height is much higher than the MC's. Interior room is about the same in the 22V vs the X-10, the 20V seemed much smaller for some reason. I'd have to say the only thing I didn't like about the new 22v Tige was the way the transom (back end) sloped into the swim platform. I have a hard enough time getting my board on and trying to sit down with the way the back is sloped would be tuff, I think the fiberglass will take some shots which isn't a huge deal I guess. <BR> <BR>What are you towing with? I ask this because the Tige is quite a bit heavier than the MC's which is one of the reasons why I didn't go with the Tige. We had the Yukon back then and it barely towed the X-10, now I have the Super Duty and towing is no problem. <BR> <BR>What ever you choose you can't go really wrong. Both boats will allow you to progess to any level you want to when boarding.

captainfreedom 07-07-2003 1:28 PM

I would say it really comes down to price and the dealer in your area. All of the assessments are very accurate. Definitely test drive both first. Good luck!

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