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gymboarder 07-05-2003 3:17 PM

How hard is it to install the wakeboard pro from perfect pass. I have been thinking really hard about purchasing. I have never installed anyting like this before but I have installed stereos and amps. I have a 2002 Centurion Avalanche. Any feed back would be great.

xpornsta 07-06-2003 12:54 AM

Yeah i heard its not too hard i ahve a 2003 hurricane and i think you can use the same paddlewheel it already has. I am about to buy wakeboard pro. do you know are can anyone else confirm you can use the original paddlewheel for perfect pass ie. i dont have to drill a new hole? <BR> <BR> <BR>

gymboarder 07-06-2003 8:10 AM

Steve, <BR>Yes you can use the existing paddle wheel. On the perfect pass web site it says you can.

krbaugh 07-06-2003 12:05 PM

Steve <BR>Do you have a Pilot one?

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