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joe_crawley 09-13-2009 6:57 PM

Water is still warm and I've got a slumping X1 on one of the best lakes in west Michigan. I'm working non stop in Marshall setting up a new warehouse so I can stop anytime to take a set. Boat is in Dowling, within an hour of GR, Lansing, Kzoo and BC. <BR> <BR>PM me or call me (616)706-3521 and we can go anytime. Lake is glass most of the time but my usual crew is back at school or back at work.

wakeborder5 09-16-2009 9:33 PM

Hey joe, I sent you a text earlier, my # is 248 444-21XX. Are you planning on riding later this week or weekend and would you have any room for one or two more? This is really cool of you to offer by the way <BR> <BR>Ray

joe_crawley 09-17-2009 8:51 AM

Ray- PM sent, I'll give you a call later today

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