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ncsuuh 09-11-2009 8:00 AM

Who all is going out this weekend? Been out of town the past three weeks.

steelesrt 09-11-2009 8:19 AM

Ya. I've been wanting to go out on a boat since I got down here. cell is 727 597 3223.

dixiebmxer 09-11-2009 1:07 PM

Well bad news...... I got laid off today. <BR> <BR>Sooooo I guess im down to ride any day any time except Tuesdays. Im sure I can find some gas money somewhere.

radrachel 09-11-2009 3:06 PM

Oh, too bad, Tony! These layoffs are getting pretty scary. I know that everyone at my work is pretty anxious, too. I come in everyday, looking to see if my stuff is still at my desk, or if it's been cleared out.

steelesrt 09-11-2009 3:42 PM

Tony, that sucks. I got laid off earlier this summer so I know what you are feeling. Next time you go out give me a call, I can help w/ boat gas and coaching.

clarkduh 09-11-2009 5:47 PM

got laid off from both jobs little while back so back to the full time school route... where all my money has gone so i am praying to get enough to pay for a 6 month to mccormicks and just become a cable junkie as much as i eat, drink, sleep boat wakes :-/ winch should be up soon and thats like $5 for all day shredding a couple rails or floatin kicker which is where i will be if cant get the cable pass...

steelesrt 09-11-2009 5:54 PM

how much is the cable pass?

taitrt 09-12-2009 11:28 AM

I'm doing a little work on my boat right now, but it should be good to go by next weekend. It's just an I/O, but I've got some sacks and an 6ft pylon. <BR> <BR>I'll probably be out at "the spot" next weekend, sat. or sun.

lakeskater 09-12-2009 12:12 PM

Anybody interested in wakeskating on Lake Thonotosassa or Hillsborough River? I ride at least once a week, usually on a weekday.

steelesrt 09-12-2009 12:44 PM

anyone going out tomorrow?

dixiebmxer 09-12-2009 3:21 PM

Matt, my " boat " is a cable. Not sure on the pass rate.

steelesrt 09-12-2009 4:35 PM

O. maybe we can go to the cable tomorrow. early afternoon. you can txt me when you want to go. It'll take me about 30min to an hour depending on traffic.

stillentt 09-13-2009 7:44 AM

Just jumpin on board. <BR> <BR>I was really hoping to get out to the spot this wknd but this weather is killin my dreams. As soon as we get some clear, I'll be ready to ride!

bflat53212 09-13-2009 4:50 PM

Hey, what's up everyone. Got back in town late Saturday night, having a nice chill day and will be ready to ride tomorrow at the river. I would like to get out about 5 or 5:30pm. Let me know if anyone is interested. <BR> <BR>Jerrod, if you want to show up later just let me know, you are always welcome to show up later.

bflat53212 09-13-2009 4:53 PM

Carry over from the Tampa5 thread, what's going on Tim? You still got the same number? I wasn't sure if you had been deployed and changed bases. Good to hear from you man.

dixiebmxer 09-13-2009 5:09 PM

Im down for tomorrow Skubz. I wanna try my new ( well new to me ) Slingshot Recoil behind the boat. Text me an address to put in my GPS.

hypedrider7 09-13-2009 6:45 PM

I will throw my board in the truck tomorrow and see if I can get out of work a bit early. I will text/call later in the day.

dreevs 09-14-2009 6:08 AM

What a suky weather weekend! Better luck this weekend I guess. <BR> <BR>Skubz - How was Cancun?

jaybee 09-14-2009 6:15 AM

Skubs - Im in. I will meet you at the ramp at 5:30.

jaybee 09-14-2009 6:18 AM

Tony - 7201 40th Street. Tampa, FL 33604 . That is the address for bigfoot bar and grill. If you are standing in front of bigfoot the ramp is to the right. You wil see a blue sign that says boat ramp in the driveway where the ramp is.

dixiebmxer 09-14-2009 6:29 AM

I will be there at 5:30 also

bflat53212 09-14-2009 7:37 AM

Wow! Usually it's hard to get anybody on a weeknight. We are going to have a packed boat: <BR> <BR>M. Steele <BR>M. Steele's brother <BR>Tony Prevatt <BR>Jerrod <BR>DeeCee <BR> <BR>Good thing I fixed the backseat. The wake should be very nice <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

jaybee 09-14-2009 9:49 AM

Steve - Do you have enough room for all those people and gear? I would say maybe try to consolidate the gear but i know i don't wanna ride anything else then my new watson <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

bflat53212 09-14-2009 9:52 AM

Not a problem as long as everyone is not bringing bags with them. Just boards and jackets (since we don't live in the north and don't need sweatshirts), it shouldn't be a problem. <BR> <BR>Just an fyi, I will be there at 5pm.

jaybee 09-14-2009 10:03 AM

Cool. See ya at 5.

dreevs 09-14-2009 10:20 AM

Knew I shoulda went to my Tampa Site this morning. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Chester and I will take out the X2. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

clarkduh 09-14-2009 11:41 AM

mind if i come too? :-D

clarkduh 09-14-2009 11:44 AM

bob wood, im down to wakeskate any day... what u ride behind? i got gas and brew if u like drinkin while skating

dreevs 09-14-2009 12:50 PM

I would say yes, but its DeeCees boat thats getting serviced. It looks like it is just sitting there waiting for DeeCee to make up his mind on the Fly High Kit - pull the fahkin trigger already man!! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

jaybee 09-14-2009 8:26 PM

Dude, Im waiting for chester to return my call.

clarkduh 09-14-2009 9:28 PM

good shreddin today everybody, and props to the wake produced by that good ol nautique!

steelesrt 09-14-2009 9:48 PM

the wake was pretty sick today behind that 2001 nautique. Deff. a fun time, even w/ the rain. It's nice to ride w/ some guys who are killin it.

dreevs 09-15-2009 5:40 AM

Want me to swing by there today?

nhradrag 09-15-2009 2:34 PM

Hey steve... I have the same # the 610 5539 # is good...I have to start playing hooky. Need to learn how to go wake to wake again.. jk did get ts 3 down... its a start

jaybee 09-15-2009 3:45 PM

Steve - Thanx for the pulls yesterday. Sorry to waste everyones time with all my falls <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>. Was good to meet those of you i had not met yet. Matt - you freaking killed it yesterday.

steelesrt 09-15-2009 3:55 PM

Thanks. I thought everyone rode well. I'm ready to go back out. I have school on wednesday, but i'm good any other day. just give me a call

bflat53212 09-15-2009 6:24 PM

I am playing poker either tomorrow or Thursday night. I would like to ride wichever day I don't play. I would also like to ride Friday. <BR> <BR>Is anyone up for it? John, you interested in testing out your new ballast.

clarkduh 09-15-2009 9:09 PM

i would most likely be in for friday, hopefully gettin that slingshot this week... we shall see

clarkduh 09-15-2009 11:41 PM

anybody up for cable this week? just finished my 6 hours of homework so i could really use some shredding tomorrow before test at 6pm

dreevs 09-16-2009 5:40 AM

Was that a ballast update from Skubz? Is it ready, lets have an update DeeCee!

jaybee 09-16-2009 5:55 AM

UPDATE: Nothing has been done yet which is really starting to irk me. Also for those that went out with Steve the other day, did any of you mistakenly grab my sunglasses? I know I got on the boat with them but did not make it off with them. Steve is going to check the boat again today but there is only 1 place they could have been on the boat and I watched steve clear the area when we left.

jaybee 09-16-2009 7:42 AM

Nevermind. Found my sunglasses.

dixiebmxer 09-16-2009 8:18 AM

Clark, I am gonna hit the cable tomorrow around noon.

clarkduh 09-16-2009 6:04 PM

i will be out at 4 when i get out of class... so it may take me 20 minutes to get there so maybe by 420?

dixiebmxer 09-16-2009 7:27 PM

i might still be there. i just might get an all day pass

bflat53212 09-17-2009 6:21 AM

DeeCee and I are hitting up HBR tonight, if anyone is interested.

bflat53212 09-17-2009 6:26 AM

JB, you around yet? I don't have your number, so I can't text you. <BR> <BR>Tim, we have to hook up and ride.

brass_monkey 09-17-2009 8:29 AM

DeeCee, I could be down to shred. Where and what time? I will bring gas or gas money.

clarkduh 09-17-2009 8:50 AM

skubz, text me and let me know what you end up doing. i could enjoy some boat but i also got half year cable pass so either works :-D

steelesrt 09-17-2009 9:40 AM

Me and my brother will be out w/ skubz tonight round 530.

stillentt 09-17-2009 12:46 PM

Looks like we got a full crew out tonight and I'm free as well. I'm going to bring my boat down and we can run both Skubz and mine to make the most of the daylight. <BR> <BR>See you guys at the dock about 5PM!

dixiebmxer 09-17-2009 1:12 PM

I got the pleasure of meeting J.D. Webb at the cable today. He was super nice and down to earth. I think it is so awesome a big pro like that still talks to the up and coming beginners. He also taught me my first invert!! Tantrum off the big kicker!! So now I thing I am going to enter the contest coming up at Mccormicks in the beginner class. Anybody else wanna ride the comp?

clarkduh 09-17-2009 1:21 PM

hell yea! ill be there, matt u come up with some tricks to work on tonight? i got 2-4 dependin on if i land 2 of em lol

clarkduh 09-17-2009 1:22 PM

and congrats tony, JD is badass!

dixiebmxer 09-17-2009 4:15 PM

Thanks. It amazes me how much better I ride at the cable rather than boat. Two different worlds I guess.

brass_monkey 09-18-2009 5:54 AM

Thanks for the fun times last night Skubz!

clarkduh 09-18-2009 9:49 AM

completely different for sure... theres stuff i can do on boat only and stuff i can only do at cable, pretty funny how it happens. yea last night was fun besides when scotty blew the speaker in her ear out so hope that heals up asap... anybody ever ride with ear plugs?

jaybee 09-18-2009 9:57 AM

Yeah I have ridden with earplugs a lot as I have blown my ears out 3 times now. I get all conscious about it when i do it and then just kinda slowly wear them less and less till im not wearing them anymore.

stillentt 09-18-2009 1:28 PM

Yeah, I'm gonna take it easy for a week and see how it goes. The doc said today that she could see it blown open but it was clean. She gave me some drops and told me to give it about 2 weeks before getting it wet again. Oh wells...

dixiebmxer 09-18-2009 7:52 PM

Mccormicks on Sunday. Who is in?

clarkduh 09-20-2009 2:08 PM

i was there earlier today but only had a wakeskate so i left after about an hour, might go back in a few minutes, get in a couple hours or so

dixiebmxer 09-20-2009 7:02 PM

Well I got to thank the big man above for still being here tonight. We were on my cousins wakesetter today when a storm came out of nowhere so we did the dog <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> to the boatg ramp. We were circling around waiting to load the boat when the hair on the back of my neck stood up and then BOOOOOOOOOM and a blinding flash of light. lightning hit the tower of the boat. I was maybe two foot from the tower. Nobody was hurt thank god. I did need a change of pants though. How we are here still I will never know.

clarkduh 09-20-2009 9:08 PM

super gnarly, welcome to tampa... lighting is nooo joke, we always prepare for storms, not somethin u can just go out and wing it

radrachel 09-21-2009 2:13 AM

Did anyone hear about this crash sunday on Lake Tarpon? <a href="http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=113798&amp;provider=rss" target="_blank">http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=113798&amp;provider=rss</a>

dreevs 09-21-2009 7:16 AM

Love the Mastercraft placement in the video.

steelesrt 09-21-2009 11:10 AM

is anyone going to ride tonight or tomorrow?

jaybee 09-21-2009 11:27 AM

I don't think my boat will ready till the end of the week and am taking it up to the St.Johns this weekend. Anyone who wants to come let me know so I can sort out a head count and what the weekend will cost. Obviously the more people who come the cheaper it will be. Ted is looking into renting a house right on the river and I will have my boat with the fly high kit installed ready to test it out and ride till my arms fall off.

clarkduh 09-21-2009 8:46 PM

cable wed. down for boat if anybody is going out...

clarkduh 09-23-2009 8:36 AM


bflat53212 09-23-2009 2:46 PM

lol...sorry Clark, my boat is down and out, sorry, I missed your post on Monday. I will let you know when I am back in the game. <BR> <BR>A big thanks to Scotty for helping me get my boat off the river before it sank. Definitely don't want to leave it out there another night.

taitrt 09-23-2009 3:58 PM

Holy crap skubz, before it sank? What happened? Did you hit a log or something?

clarkduh 09-23-2009 7:31 PM

woooaahhh, yea WTF you mean before it sank... explain. oh and i gots the flu so i will be out for a few more days, no worries.

bflat53212 09-24-2009 6:07 AM

lol..sorry, not that bad. Just had the boat tied up to a dock, with no battery, so I couldn't have the bilge pump on. When Scotty and I rolled up it was definitely filled with a lot of water from the rain.

ncsuuh 09-24-2009 12:11 PM

Anyone planning on going out Friday afternoon? What about the cable?

steelesrt 09-24-2009 4:34 PM

Cable sounds good. I'm just waiting to hear back from DC on what we are doing this weekend to know if I can go or if we are leaving.

jaybee 09-25-2009 6:19 AM

Matt - I am still waiting to hear back from the guy who is installing the fly high kit. I don't think we are going to do the st. johns this weekend but hopefully my boat will be ready by today or Saturday and we can get some riding in this weekend. I will call you when I know the status of the boat.

jaybee 09-25-2009 7:40 AM

Just got word. After paying for the parts and being told they would be ordered last friday and in by wednesday at the latest (and that boat should be ready by the weekend) I have just recieved a text saying the parts have not even come in yet. I am extremely heated. There is nothing I hate more than being fed a line of BS. <BR>Not only that but this is the first time I have used this guy so you would think he would want a returning customer which will not be the case.

ncsuuh 09-25-2009 8:10 AM

I hate people like that. I would flip out. I might go to the cable today around 3:30 if there some people interested.

steelesrt 09-25-2009 9:51 AM

DC that sucks. Sorry bro. Give me a call if you decide to go out any, i'm always down to get a set in. <BR>Murphy I'll go to the cable today. see you at 330. I have a red neon, and a green liquid force PS3 w/ red boots.

clarkduh 09-25-2009 11:35 AM

i got swine flu... and a half year pass to cable which i used once... and got flu day after that, i call shenanigans

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