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07-03-2003 2:22 PM

Hey boys i wanna learn to do an invert i can do w2w 180s both heelside and toesdie and can do a 180 indy heelside. <BR> <BR>I was just wondering what invert would be better to start off with, either a Tantrum or a Back Roll or maybe something else that's even easier. <BR> <BR>Also i dont quite understand the concept of a back roll, it looks like in videos that they are actaully flipping forward in a way, i just dont understand what exactly is going on if someone could please explain it to a left foot forward person.

kylek306 07-07-2003 8:55 AM

On a backroll cut in towards the wake keep the rope to your hip and keep alot of weight on your back foot and just lean back when jumping off the wake...The tantrum is easier to me for some reason. I do a moderately hard cut in on the heelside and throw my weight to my toeside edge just as I reach the wake...Then I throw my body backwards as I jump. The tantrum is easier to me because you can spot your landing alot earlier throughout the trick.

07-07-2003 6:46 PM

well i went out yesterday and tried a couple tantrums, the first 2 were ok and the third one i went to go do a flip and the board hit the rope on the way up and stoped my rotation and i just came down straight on my back and that hurt like a bitch. Then i went out again today after figuring out that i wasn't becoming parralel to the wake and letting the momentum along with a bit of looking back spin me around so i tried that and i came so close to stomping it. I would get the full rotation and come back around and i felt like at no point i could see what my landing lol but i would land back on my board in a crouched position and then just for some reason slip out. Any further advice would be apreciated

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