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bassboy8855 07-03-2003 2:51 PM

Well, I was thinking about makeing a skate compleatly from scratch out of some plywood and stuff... But then it hit me! What if there's a way I can turn my old wakeboard into a new wakeskate... <BR> <BR>So last night I pulled of the bindings and fins and started to think if there was a way I could sand down the wakeboard to wakeskate size, then put some griptape on it. <BR> <BR>Like I said, I just started last night, and I think I'm about 1/4 of the way done. I just hope it works, so I dont ruin a fairly good wakeboard. <BR> <BR>What do you guys think? I'v never realy been into wakeskateing untill about a week ago, and I think I'm gonna love it. But I dont want to spend 200+ bucks on somehting I might not like. <BR> <BR>So if this works, I'll post some pics and see what you guys think of it. <BR> <BR>dave ; )

shiftywakeskate 07-03-2003 11:44 PM

do a search for this on google or something cause i was reading an article somewhere and it showed you how to take a wakeboard and make it into a wakeskate, but i forget the website. but good luck. i made my own wakeskate a couple of weeks and i think its awesome, ive only been wakeskating twice only and both times on my homemade deck so i dont know how it compares to a factory made. i call it the shifty board and i got a logo and everything so a few years down the road SHIFTY WAKESKATES may the just be the next casette.

bassboy8855 07-04-2003 3:08 PM

thanks, i'll check it out

kristian 07-04-2003 3:20 PM

there used to be alot of people who would cut the ends off the board, seal them with resin. Put griptape on and there you go. one wakeboard into wakeskate. <BR>

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