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mckenna 09-06-2009 11:19 PM

all help welcome. <BR> <BR>i slide out and end up on my ass like every time. <BR> <BR>new cable park is opening near home (aus) and would rather be hitting the rails than swimming back to dock all day <BR> <BR>cheers.

somebuddy 10-12-2009 7:48 AM

Don't lean back. It's actually going to feel like you're leaning forward at first because you are so used to leaning back.

adamsilcio 10-12-2009 8:50 AM

yeah russell is right. keep your weight even and it also helps to keep the handle close to your body, or the lower your center of gravity the lower the handle should be.

otown_dave 11-07-2009 1:06 PM

Also try to ollie on instead of trying to edge up to then on the rail.

mckenna 11-30-2009 9:32 PM

stupid noob question would a bigger board help at all? <BR> <BR>or would it make no diff using a 135 or 139 board? <BR> <BR>thanks.

jtnz 12-22-2009 5:00 PM

A difference of 4 cm in the tip and tail wouldn't make much difference apart from maybe more ollie height. Try to keep the rail between your feet to start out and boardslide it. The boat (or ski, cable, whatever is towing you) will pull you off the rail naturally since it won't be in line, unless the cable you're riding does line up directly overhead. <BR> <BR>Forgot to add - bend your knees a lot, more than you think is necessary probably and try to stay off your edges when sliding, keep the board flat or you will slip out. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by jtnz on December 22, 2009)

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