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shaggydan22 07-03-2003 4:08 AM

i usually throw my krypts with the 180 on the way down, but this time i must have accidently pulled early and rotated the full 3 while extended and somehow i landed it. so would it be a frontside spinning s-bend? i thought it felt like a back roll thrown back and around, but everyone in the boat said otherwise.

jason_ssr 07-03-2003 7:01 AM

you are correct. Its a laid out backroll.

shaggydan22 07-03-2003 8:28 AM

then wouldn't a s-bend be a laid out tantrum? i'll try it again and get pictures.

socalwakepunk 07-03-2003 8:37 AM

S-bend is a laid out front flip

goose69 07-03-2003 8:52 AM

A raily with a front three... isn't that a 3-1-3 or 313??

shaggydan22 07-03-2003 9:05 AM

a 313 is a raley with a handle pass 360 on the way down. <BR>so if a s-bend is a laid out front flip, then whats a laid out backroll? <BR>

board4food1 07-03-2003 2:00 PM

I don't believe there is any flipping involved in an S-Bend. Its a raley with a backside 360 rotation. What Dan did was a backroll. The S-bend is done with the rotation the opposite direction as to not throw a backroll. I've tried them before and watched on video, I do what dan does and never successfully rotate the right way without eating it very hard.

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