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07-17-2001 12:17 PM

Aight well i've been trying 3's for like a week and i can't seem to get it. If i try and spin right away sometimes it turns into a half bacroll and if i don't spin soon enough then i only get half way around then i just stop in the middle and fall. People have been saying i ride to fast: i'm at about 24 mph riding at 55 ft. I've seen people pull 3's goin like 17 mph but i don't know how they get a big enough pop at that speed. Cause they've been telling me stuff like 3+speed= fall but i am not sure what it all means. help please

07-17-2001 4:22 PM

Slow it down and really stand tall at the top of the wake. It's almost like you're jumping off it. That should get you enough hang time so that you can start your 3 later. If you try and start your 3 before you leave the wake, you'll end up doing that half-backroll thing. Good luck <BR> <BR>Mike

07-17-2001 9:50 PM

I don't know too much about how to do the 3 except you are really supposed to pull the handle to your back hip hard and this gives you the rotation. Also, on Detention it says that you should ride at a speed b/w 17 - 23 miles per hour, or something like that. I've also heard that if you have a longer rope you can go up higher so maybe you should try that. And one more thing: maybe you should try get a bigger wake. You don't need to buy a fatsac or anything like that, just go buy a big rubber made container or a couple of smaller ones, and just fill them up and strategically place them around your boat. hopefully some of this helps.

07-18-2001 11:56 AM

Mike is right. slower is not necessarily bad. i usually get pulled around 21-22 mph. I have a decent sized wake. nothing huge, but a nice firm wake. I don't take a huge cut on my 3. usually a medium progressive cut. Right when i crest the wake, and i'm standing tall. I pull the rope to my trailing hip. I lay the rope right above my butt, and place it in my other hand. It takes a while to stick em. when i was first learning, I would try and rotate without the rope. once i started landing smoothly on the other side, I started working on the handle pass.

07-18-2001 1:53 PM

The only problem i have with going slower is i can't cut as hard now can i get over both wakes, at 24 i can get 5-6 ft. and land out in the flats. But i have another question: WIth the handle rotation thing; when you pull the handle to your trailing hip, does that start a rotation for a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation?

07-19-2001 8:38 AM

Braden, <BR>it depends on if you ride with right or left foot forward. I ride regular, and it would be a counter clockwise rotation for me.

07-19-2001 12:18 PM

Aight so i ride goofy foot which means i go clockwise. I keep on trying counterclockwise, i'm guessing thats my problem. Thanx for the help.

07-20-2001 4:08 PM

Braden, I tried the 3 and you just really have to pull the rope to your back hip hard. This initiates the spin and you just have to concentrate on the handle pass. This spins you frontside just so you know.

07-20-2001 9:41 PM

As far as the cutting hard thing, you really shouldn't cut very hard at all. That will just throw you off balance. Instead, work on going more up than out by crouching down and really standing tall at the top of the wake. Trust me; I had the same problem. <BR> <BR>Mike

08-03-2001 3:28 PM

I think that when I learned threes I had the most success at speeds like 16-18 mph. They weren't very big, but I was able to learn the mechanics of them and later at higher speeds get them wake to wake.

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