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bigj514 07-02-2003 6:37 PM

just wondering some opinions on whats the best way to jump the wake toe-side....i just cant stop sliding out on my landing and taking hard diggers......help me out guys what do you think??

ridehyco 07-02-2003 8:08 PM

biggest thing i can tell you is to make doubly sure you keep that rope handle into your leading hip. That;s muy muy important. You can get away sometimes heelside letting that handle out some, but not toeside. Also put more weight on your front foot that you think you should. That will help you keep your weight more forward so you will land on your toeside edge and not skid out. <BR> <BR>H

cbv 07-02-2003 8:38 PM

I just learned w2w ts last summer. What I did was hit the wake a little at a time. Slowly trying for more distance. At first I was just popping over the wake landing on the oppisite side. After I got comfortable w/that, I'd hit the wake a bit harder to get to the middle. When I was getting close to casing the oppisite wake, it wasnt much to get it over. <BR> <BR>Overall it took me about 2 weeks to get it comfortably. Now I have no problem w2w ts although I dont get the air I do hs yet...I normally sail approx 3 to 4 ft ts. <BR> <BR>Im in the process of learning to ride sw now. I can somewhat do hs w2w sw stance, but ts is killing me. Starting the same way but its taking me a little longer. I end up playing more than practing.

thane_dogg 07-02-2003 8:45 PM

lean away from the boat and keep your handle low and oriented to your hip. Get over the mental block of wanting to get your weight back, and point the board in the direction you're moving. If you get your board going the direction your moving and have the handle low it will be impossible to slip out.

bob 07-03-2003 1:11 AM

i try to not get as much pop on my toeside cuts so as to get everything else right and this usually yeilds a better jump then bonsai cuts toeside

wes_the_gimp 07-04-2003 11:53 AM

Stay on the toe side edge on landing. <BR> <BR>One of the kids in my boat likes to cut back, heelside, right on impact and slides out every time. <BR> <BR>good luck!

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