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notlandinit 07-02-2003 2:57 PM

I was just curious about any info on the riding conditions in Queensland. I heard there is a cable park in Gold's Coast, how is it? Any suggestions on areas to ride, what to prepare for, is it worth carting my board all the way from Canada, and perhaps meet some people to hook me up with a pull. I am moving there in January 2004 for 11 months, and would love any help or advice. Thanks!

kewi 07-02-2003 11:50 PM

can't help with queensland. <BR> <BR>but i know the cable up there used to be the stopming ground of mark kenny and still is for justin abbot, spud phillips, etc... <BR> <BR>if you're in vico however...........

pjdave 07-04-2003 4:33 PM

Hey betty check out wake.com.au a new but good australian wakeboard site. The guys that run it are all from Queensland. <BR> <BR>Where exactly are you moving to in Queensland.

notlandinit 07-07-2003 8:00 AM

Thanks I will check it out. It is still up in the air as to where exactly, we were thinking Gold's Coast, or Surfer's Paradise, but if you have any suggestions on where to look into I would appreciate it. The two other chicks that I am going with are not into boarding so we are looking to move to a spot where there is a variety of different things to do and see, as well as somewhere I can board, so I dont go into withdrawl.

pjdave 07-08-2003 12:35 AM

I would try the sunshine coast(about an hour north of Brisbane) there are golden beaches for miles,a cable park and it is a great gateway to one of the best sand islands.It is less trashy than thge gold coast(surfers paradise same thing)The night life is a little slower though, really depends what your into. You can ride all year round it only gets cold at night in winter. The Barrier reef is around 12hours (by car) north of Brisbane and Sydney is 12 south. Im from Brisbane so I could be a little biased to Queensland but I have visited all the capital cities. The people in Sydney are a different breed than the laid back Queenslanders,(my girlfriend said they are like people from montreal, but shes from B.C so she is also biased), everything is also twice as expensive. Melbourne is great place to visit but theyre beachs suck and the weather is too cold. Anyway get onto wake.com.au and you will get more opinions.

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