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jmccallum 07-02-2003 2:20 PM

When I turn my wheel to one side (sorry can't remember which) the trim gauge jumps to the top of its scale and stays there until I center the wheel. <BR> <BR>The trim and power steering share the same pump apparently. It's a Volvo Penta SX 190 hp stern drive

trace 07-02-2003 10:03 PM

weird. sounds like maybe the trim transducer on the outdrive could be loose, or a wire getting pinched? sorry, but i'm really more familiar w/ Mercruisers.

jmccallum 07-03-2003 7:01 AM

I'll have a look at the transducer. What do they typically look like? <BR> <BR>PS. Got the throttle reversed and the PP in. Works great. Haven't touched the Kdw yet! Seems to overshot if you really floor it on take off and leave it down. I'll be double checking the linkage at the end of stroke this weekend. <BR> <BR>take care, <BR>

trace 07-03-2003 9:16 AM

on my old Merc, it was a little black plastic cap about 1" dia covering one side of the horizontal pivot in the yoke, with slots for adjustment. the opposite side looked the same, but was the trim-limit switch. <BR> <BR>glad you got the PP worked out. i'm very happy with mine, and have it holding w/in about .5 mph now. it's amazing what not wondering if the speed will be right does for your riding.

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