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west 07-02-2003 12:32 AM

I've never tried these. What can I expect. I have a solid ts 180 and a pretty solid ts backroll. I can't try any front rolls or scarecrows this year b/c I messed my akle up on them and I know I'll do the same thing to hurt it even more. Other than ts backrolls what other things TS should I work on??????? Thanx

jason_ssr 07-02-2003 7:07 AM

I dont think you will have a problem with them. Can you do a switch HS BR? I found that the TS B2R became much more consistant after I learned a SW HS BR. I know is sounds out there, but SW HS BR was not hard to learn. I had a buddy suggest I try it, and I thought NO WAY!! I thought it was way out of my league as I wasnt a very good switch rider. However, it is much easier than even a switch wakejump! You will be surprised at how easy it is once you commit to doing it. Then The TS BR2R will be an easy step. <BR> <BR>Jason

mvda 07-02-2003 9:16 AM

Jim, it should be no problem. Just pull your handle in to your back hip and look at the boat on the landing. I think the ts back roll to revert is much easier that the ts backroll.

west 07-02-2003 7:13 PM

Yeah I'll definately try that jason. I can ride switch pretty decent but I cant get much air. I'll let you guys know what the outcome of the TS R2R is..thanx Any other suggestions on what I should try TS besides a frontroll or scarecrow

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