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tws_andrew 08-31-2009 12:50 PM

Currently own an 06 WS23LSV with extra ballast. Buying a new boat between now and next spring. We surf so much that has become one of my main criteria. My 23 makes a great surf wake but it takes a ton of weight and tweaking so I either have to have a load of ppl or ad sacs to the existing. I am a big guy and like a small board for fun so I like a very large wake. Boats I am considering are the 247 which I have surfed, X35, x45 and Nautique 230. The 247 wake is similiar to my 23 but doesn;t need as much weight from what I have seen. I have seen some vids of the 230 and it looks great. Looking for an effortless surf wake mostly out of the box. I will likely plumb one or two extra sacks in but don't want to deal with more than that. Opinions?

motogod77 08-31-2009 1:13 PM

Demo a Supreme V226

lakesurfer 08-31-2009 1:20 PM

If you want one of the best (and probably the easiest to set up) surf wakes you should include The Enzo 240 on your list. You could take out the factory hard tanks and install 1,500lb Enzo sacs on each side. Fill the Enzo sac on surf side, center ballast plus crew gives a nice wake. Can make it even better with a sac on the seat.

ctimrun 09-02-2009 3:32 AM

IMO the ENZO 240 is probably your best bet for producing a surfwake based on pictures I have seen and reviews I have read. I have never surfed behind one myself though. A good friend of mine has a Nautique 230 and it makes a mean wave too! Tall wave with a long pocket! I wanted a 230 oh so badly but couldn't fit it in my garage, ended up with the 210. I think the quality is a little better on the Nautique than the Centurion but that shows in the price too.

timmyb 09-02-2009 7:54 AM

Tige has a new "surf ready" package available on their 2010 models, might check it out.

usostyle 09-02-2009 8:13 AM

If a majority of your crew surfs the goofey side, make sure you demo an Epic 23v. We run 'stock' underfloor ballast only, and it's more than enough for us. We consistently surf with stock front and starboard tank full, my wife (120lbs) driving and my 2 kids (80lbs total) and that's it, no xtra sacs, no need for xtra people, it's a HUGE relief from the 'process' of what we had to go through on our previous boat. Cool thing about it too is, the more peeps you add, the better it gets. It's a pretty steep and facey wake though, takes a bit to get used to. <BR> <BR>For some reason (still in the R&amp;D stage), the regular surf wake is not as nice as the goofey on the Epic. If a majority of your crew surfs regular, Demo'ing the Enzo 230 is a must.

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