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lyle 08-31-2009 7:27 AM

Ok, so I started trying a switch wrapped KGB the other day. I was checking to see what it was worth on the INT scoring chart, and the definition looks is weirding me out.. almost seems like a "blender" describes it more, but I know I have seen shaun do this exact trick and it was a kgb.. heres the link to the trick lists.. just looking for some clarification.. <a href="http://www.intleague.com/wp-content/uploads/Forms/AttackSheets/Intermediate-Pro.pdf" target="_blank">http://www.intleague.com/wp-content/uploads/Forms/AttackSheets/Intermediate-Pro.pdf</a> <BR> <BR>what I am doing is coming in switch, wrapped, and hitting a backroll.. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by lyle on August 31, 2009)

mbsteez 08-31-2009 8:29 AM

the blender is b-roll with wrapped frontside 3, it i'm reading that right. wrapped kgb is b-roll with wrapped backside 3. so which way are you spinning the 3?

lyle 08-31-2009 9:02 AM

Im spinning backside.. Im confused as how you could do a wrapped frontside spin, seems like that would just make you do a 180..

mbsteez 08-31-2009 10:43 AM

If you're spinning backside then its a wrapped KGB. <BR> <BR>Spinning frontside wrapped will unwrap you more than backside...

aussie_stu 09-05-2009 6:52 PM

fly high, for a wrapped F/S spin you holding the main handle with your front hand, so there's no way not to atleast spin 360 on a wrapped F/S, B/S however your holding the main handle with your back hand, so you need to keep looking round to get the full 360. <BR> <BR>since you say your hitting it switch, remember a F/S switch rotation is the opposite direction to a regular F/S spin ;) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by aussie_stu on September 05, 2009)

dlwsrider 09-27-2009 11:21 PM

LION! Someone Sacked up big time! Wrapped KGB'S? what!!!

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