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pdizzle 07-01-2003 5:22 PM

I have a buddy that is selling a 2000 Byerly Limited Edition 142 for $250 with 2000 High Back Bindings, Is this a good deal? Also, I have a size 10 1/2- 11 shoe, but the bindings are XL. Will the bindings be too big?

gunz 07-01-2003 5:30 PM

If it comes with the bindings,it's a decent deal.See if he'll take $200.

pdizzle 07-01-2003 5:33 PM

Yes, it comes with the bindings. Is $200 a GREAT deal? Thanks for your help!

tigeal 07-01-2003 6:35 PM

142 is a big board, how much do you weigh? If it's the correct board for you then it's a good deal, if not then it's a waste of money. Byerly bindings seem to run small so xl's are probably correct or close to right for 10-1/2 11.

blabel 07-01-2003 8:50 PM

Sounds good but a lot of people don't like the Byerly board. It has a 3 stage rocker and may not be the right setup for a beginner. Have you ridden it yet?

gunz 07-01-2003 9:13 PM

Mooch is right about not being the right set up for a beginner.I own one and when I rode with the big boys they said it wasd too much for me,and they were right.I rode the D.U.way better.

pdizzle 07-02-2003 12:11 PM

I am 6'1 208 lean. I have been riding for a few months now. I am starting on tantrum's now, but I SUCK. Just kidding. I am just now learning how to do them. Haven't landed one successfully though. What board would you recommend for me and size?

shanday 07-03-2003 8:06 AM

My husband is 6'1" and 195-200 lbs. He bought the byerly 142, and premier 140 at a demo sale. He liked the byerly until he rode the premier. He's tried to go back to the byerly, but just didn't like it as well. I would suggest something like the premier unless you have demoed the byerly and really like it.

thane_dogg 07-03-2003 11:00 AM

it sounds like to me that the bindings will be too big, I have about a size 10 and I wouldn't get anything bigger than a large. That board is a little harder to ride than most, so ideally you won't progress as fast, but if you learn to ride it then switch to something you really like, you'll have much more confidence, and you'll progress like a madman.

pdizzle 07-03-2003 11:53 AM

I guess I will wait for a better deal. Thanks everyone!

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