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bwags500 08-30-2009 6:25 PM

so i havnt looked at my board since an accident i had that ended my season early tonight i look and its close to being split on the top. anyone know the warrenty on there 2009 boards

bruizza 08-30-2009 6:51 PM

should be at least 1 year. Call them up and start the warranty process.

cdhayes2 09-07-2009 1:04 PM

Hopefully they're as good as Burton on their warranty deal.. Burton has the best warranty program in the biz.

ziggen 09-08-2009 3:23 PM

Well they're owned by Burton so i would think they're the same. What happened to the board? If you hit it with something that's not snow I don't think they'll cover it.

bwags500 09-23-2009 3:47 AM

Just got my new board the other day sent it to them mon had a new board wed just had to send a receipt with the board

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