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sae4life 07-01-2003 1:04 PM

Ordered up the kit today and I'm gonna put it in on thursday night. Any tips and what tools really helped? Not worried about it but since I'm gonna do it in a garage with limited supplies I wanna bring with me what i need. <BR>Thanks

hlboatsnboards 07-01-2003 2:14 PM

You are going to need about a 2.5 or 3 inch hole saw for the hull of the boat. Other then that, everyday tools (wrench set, side cuts, tie wraps) will do the trick! Good luck and let us know if you need help! <BR> <BR>Bill

trace 07-01-2003 3:31 PM

2" holesaw IIRC <BR> <BR>

av8tens 07-01-2003 5:47 PM

I am going to install Accuski in my 02 Supreme next month. It will work through the Borg-Warner MMDC Supremes already have. Any reason you went with perfect pass over the Accuski? <BR>Someone gave me a suggestion to tape over the area you are going to drill with the hole saw and run the thing in reverse initially to prevent gelcoat chipping. Let us know how it goes and how well it works with your Supreme V-Drive. <BR>

hlboatsnboards 07-01-2003 6:11 PM

uhhh, drill from the inside out. never had any chipping that way. either way, the unit that goes in the hole has a much larger flange then the hole you are drilling. good luck! <BR> <BR>B

sae4life 07-01-2003 6:20 PM

T rare- Not a huge fan of the borgwarner reliability so I went with something that was sepperate plus its what was recommended from team supreme. <BR> <BR>B- thanks for the tips it should be a smooth install, I figure a sixpack and about 3 hrs should do it! <BR> <BR>Thanks again guys

robw 07-01-2003 7:00 PM

I recall seeing a how-to article on this over at MBO... has some good info <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.malibuboatowners.com/ppass.php" target="_blank">http://www.malibuboatowners.com/ppass.php</a> <BR> <BR>

chris_hargis 07-02-2003 7:16 AM

I certainly would not recommend drilling from the inside out at all. You push on the drill to get it through, so when you get to the outer gelcoat area, the pushing could cause it to crack and chip away. Tape is a good idea for drilling though. A cordless screwdriver makes mounting the module much easier. Other than that, the tools that have been mentioned. By the way, it is a 2" holesaw that you need. <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by chris_hargis on July 02, 2003)

bob 07-02-2003 11:03 PM

i drilled from the outside-in and it came out fine, measure 5 times and drill once, plan for ballast intakes, thru hull transducer for depth finder, trailer bunks, etc because you wont want to move it for something stupid in the future.

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