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boardnman 08-29-2009 7:07 AM

I started trying moby dicks,again the other day. But not sure whats going on with them. I am taking the tantrum fairly big, i get the handle(someone in the boat said i was grabbing the handle late(around the top of my tantrum is when i feel like i have the handle and its starting to unravel me)but once i did get the handle i felt the unravel but only to the first 180, i would land with my arm completely stretched out and land on my butt. My guess was that i was somehow not getting the handle early enough in the trick. But not sure if the trick requries more tantrum like for tantrum to fakie's or possibly underrotate the tantrum?!? and how do you get the second half of the 360? i was guess once i have the handle to yank across my chest... but thats easier said than done.... any help would be appreciated!

09-17-2009 3:38 PM

get the handel right off the wake and take you Tantrum straight up not out

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