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adkelley 06-30-2003 10:56 PM

I am looking to add more weight to the rear to get a more vert/less rampy wake. If I go with fat sacks or something like that can I hook them up to my existing balast pumps? I would like to remove the two rear ballasts and add two large sacks. I thought of adding lead but I have to tow up canyons here in Salt Lake and it is would take way too much gas with 1000 more pounds. Any advice? Thanks

mossy44 07-01-2003 6:15 AM

it is very simple to remove the tanks. just a couple of screws and pull the tubing off of the existing tanks. to add sacs (i added 600 lb sacs) i copied someone else who posted pictures on this site. i got everything at home depot. i bought a little bit of extra tubing just to have some more length in case i needed it. and the plastic connector pieces i also got at home depot. depending on how much weight you put in the back, you might need some weight in the front too. i know i didnt explain that too well. if i can find pictures, i will send them to you. its a lot easier to understand.

mattbob 07-01-2003 9:13 AM

From what I have read on this site the X-stars need more weight in the front. Does anyone know what sacs will fit in the bow under the cushions? I emailed lets-go-ride about custom sacs but never got a response from them. Will fat buddies fit up there?

jeffr 07-01-2003 9:48 AM

<a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/59126.html" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/59126.html</a> <BR> <BR>Here is an old post that might help… <BR> <BR>Not sure what you tow with.... you might want to look at 4-500 lbs of lead in the front to balance out the sacks in the back. It’s nice to have the floor clear. <BR> <BR>You will definitely need extra weight in the front if you are going to run full sacks in the back. BOW RISE. If towing is a concern a full sack in the walk through works fine… you can decide how full you fill it to adjust for the wake shape a bit. <BR> <BR>Good luck. <BR> <BR>Only a guess… but you should be able to get about 400-450 lbs of water weight under the bow cushions. The lets go ride sack give a higher number (Stiffy 250 Slim 100) but I don’t think you can fill them completely full when they are under the seats. <BR> <BR>Anyone able to get more weight under the bow cushions using water weight? Filling 3 sacks vs one is a pain too. <BR>

adkelley 07-01-2003 11:14 AM

I am towing with a 02 Yukon Denali. Lots of top end but little bottom end and huge hills here to get to the lakes

jjared 07-06-2003 9:45 AM

I went back and forth with the removing of the tanks and decided not too. Most of the time we can just ride with factory and be fine. I think 600lbs on each side is perfect without the tanks and you can do it without adding much weight in the front. I have just decided to run factory and when I do fill sacks in the back I'll have the Lounge in the front. I am going to quit using pumps by hooking the sacs into the factory ballast though. I'll probably just use a T-Valve to re-direct the water or something like that.

bbb 07-06-2003 3:59 PM

we ride in a 02 xstar about 50% of the time, our biggest issue is front weight not back weight. we put 500lbs in the front center or 250lbs in under each front cusion and the factory in the rear plus the kgb and the wake is huge, but still rampy. Not sure how to just get rid of the rampy-ness. Thought that's why you buy the x-star?

timmy 07-06-2003 4:12 PM

brady shift some of that weight to the back and your wake will steepen up.

batman 07-06-2003 8:21 PM

My buddy took out his hard tanks and put in 550# Fatboys, then puts a 540# Launch Pad Lounger in walkway in addition to factory center sack and the wake is very nice. You can vary it's steepness by putting less weight in back.

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